Lume Ometz
Played by Lume
Name Lume Ometz
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate April 24th
Height 5' 3"
Weight 114.4 lbs
Hair Light Blonde
Eyes Brown but sometimes looks kind of purple
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Still looking for one but mostly want to be a priestess
Favourite food Pasta
Known skills Very good with animals, sings beautifully
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Prontera


Lume looks very average in height and weight. And her body figure is normal. Through the years she learnt how to not blend in using her normal looks. She can be easily unnoticed.


Lume is a very shy inccoent girl. She's usually in the shadows. She likes to be unnoticed and prefer listening than talking. She knows a lot because when people talk they sometimes don't even notice she is there. Because of that she hears a lot of things she wasn't supposed to. She's also a very good listener, a very kind loving person and very gentle with both people and animals. It's very hard to anger her, and very hard to offend her also.


Lume was born to very religous parents. She's the 5th kid out of 7 and the last girl to be born. Her parents really wanted a boy and she always felt like she was another dissapointment. Living with so many people in one house Lume trained herself to blend in, she can easily slip into her own thoughts and hear no one but herself. It was always noisy in her house so it was easier that way. when Lume got to the age of 17 she left the house, taking little equipment. She was never really sure her parents or her sibilings even noticed she left. She believes in the church and in the tri, and she feels deep connection with those, but she swore not to be like her parents when it comes to raising a family.


  • Leone Alexander
    • ???


  • Really, REALLY, love bunnies.
  • Falls asleep very fast and anywhere.
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