Malaki Cain
Played by Gigz
Name Malaki Cain
Gender Male
Age Unkown
Race Supposedly Human
Birthdate Unkown
Height 6'9"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Skin tone pale
Occupation Criminal Hunter, AKA Void Knights
Favourite food None
Known skills Heavy Weapons Specialty, Magic Devouring Chainsaw-Sword; Gore Reaver
Alignment True Good
Birthplace Unkown


Keeps face hidden by a blood stained, Black cloak, which covers his worn and over-used Knights armor. Armor has bee repaired and upgraded, now several jagged sections protrude from the armor.


Malaki Cain has a simple personality, enjoying the peaceful life and watching children and innocents grow up and live without fear. He smiles to children and is a pious believer to the Goddess of Light. Though a believer of the light, he is by no means a saint or naive when it comes to Criminal Hunting. His major flaw when interacting with others is that he shows no emotions and can come off as abrasive when he speaks.


No history for target, other then observations. Malaki Cain is a lone traveler and enjoys the company of priest, priestesses and nuns when in town. Has been noted to be seen playing with children, no notable personality disorders have been seen.




  • Weapon: Mana/Magic Draining Chainsaw Sword 'The Gore Reaver'

Weapon is designed to be used for any type of fight and to be the perfect weapon for a Criminal Hunter. The weapon requires massive amounts of energy (In replace of conventional fuel source) which begins to drain mana/magic from the surrounding area. While the weapon is active and revved up, it will create a anti-magic field around him as it drains. Draw back is that it requires massive amounts of energy, so areas with no people, animals or live vegetation cause the weapon's side affects to be of no use and the the weapon to be less threatening. Weapon was designed strictly for him due to his superior lack of mana and magic use.

  • Also Known As: The Baron of Gore
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