Nehebkau Rahmus
Played by Nehebkau
Name Nehebkau Rahmus
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Naga
Birthdate March 13th
Height 6'2 - Length [w/ tail]: 14'
Weight 310 lbs
Hair Scarlet Red
Eyes Emerald Green
Skin tone Tanned
Occupation Mercenary/Diplomat
Favourite food Human
Known skills Very venomous fangs/ Keen sight/ Heat vision/ Skilled with Daggers & Short Blades
Alignment Neutral/Good
Birthplace Underneath Sograt Pyramids


Standing at roughly 6'2, Nehebkau is not particularly tall. A heavy frame is set upon a very toned body, most would call him more then physically fit. For weapons he carries daggers and small convenient blades in open sight, that he is able to utilise in close quarters, because due to his heat vision, he can hunt at night.
Long lockes of scarlet red hair cover his head, which is often adorned with two horn shaped ornaments that he uses to look more menacing. His deep, green eyes are narrow and piercing and add to the gaunt look of Nehebkau's face. Scars cover the vast majority of his body from scraping and past encounters, and fin-like bones jut from his spinal column as a racial defect.


A creature who has a very calm disposition, Nehebkau is a very calculative being and is not prone to outbursts of spite or rashness. Instead his serpentine nature makes him more the type of person to stalk prey from afar and strike only when necessary. When first met, he would appear very quiet, although his silence is only due to his general assessment of the being before him, in which case he would be deciding whether to eat you whole, or let you live.


Born under the sands of the Sograt Pyramids like another other of his species, he was raised in the high classed manner as most are. His attributes made him an ideal warrior although his interest strayed more towards the diplomatic areas, this was frowned upon and resulted in even more brutal beatings as a younging.
For his muscle mass accelerated much quicker then those of his race, and mudane tasks that were difficult to others, seemed simple to him.
As an egg, he did not know his mother or parents, for he was raised in a group fashion, in an educational process that left him scarred and beaten.
Daily fights with his companions were the norm, in a militaristic and bandit society where violence seemed the only way. For constantly, were the Naga and Isis chasing other races from their homeland.
Isis, the opposite sex. Nehebkau had a keen interest in a certain female from the beginning, although she was flawed in many ways, his mind wouldn't stray. In his mind, he'd be with her eventually. Her name, was Sehkrate.

Once he achieved maturity he developed violent tendencies, this was most likely due to his bodies rapid and continuing development, he struck out at his teacher who one day began barraging him with insults in training, and slashed him across the face with a dagger, a savage fight ensued and by the end of it, he had murdered the trainer.
Apprehended, Nehebkau was brought before the council, and banished from his homeland due to his actions,
Therefore, he was forced to leave Sehkrate behind. Who now shunned him.
With this, he wandered from his capital city and took a chance above the surface, spending many nights in the desert, he wandered closer to Morroc with each passing night, which he spent burrowed below the surface.
One day, he chanced upon seeing a human bandit party. Hunger and instinct took over as a fight erupted with three of the men, after a long scuffle, he defeated the men and began feeding.
Swallowing two of them whole.
With this new found food source he wandered closer and closer to the city.
Hunting at night proved effective, because the other races could not see in the dark.
A certain gloomy night, he found a particularly small human, seeing it as a prime target, he closed in, but as he neared, an unfamiliar sound of crying was heard. Slowing his strike to a slither, he neared the being. Aghast with fright, the little girl stood up and screamed, in which case Nehebkau grabbed her around the jaw and told her to shut her mouth.
With a last glare he slinked away, a new feeling had developed, mercy.

As he wandered through the desert, he had no problem finding food or adequate resources, but as the days pass, he gets ever closer to Shyden.


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