Nephilia Frucroix
Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Nephilia Frucroix
Gender Female
Age 30
Race Bastet
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5"6'
Weight 60kg
Hair Brown
Eyes Bright Green
Skin tone Caucasian
Occupation Pope of Prontera
Favourite food Fish and seafood
Known skills Master in Holy Magic
Alignment Lawful Good
Birthplace Unknown


*see picture*


Nephilia is a righteous woman through and through, dedicated to her work and does not let anything get in her way, not even the Cardinals that seem to oppose her from time to time. She has her head in her place, her heart to the masses and her soul bound to the White Crystal, something that she is not very fond of. She would sacrifice herself in order to accomplish something for the greater good and she would help strangers all the way if they need it, sometimes even enemies. Nephilia however is not a woman to meddle or insult with as her temper is a little short. Rub her the wrong way of make her lose her patience, and watch her getting a tone of iron and speak in a very authoritative manner, fit for a strict Pope.


Dawn has shone over Prontera however the Pope's office remained dim. With Father Bamph storming into the room, the horrific scene of finding Nephilia slumped onto her paperwork with a knife in her back was what sparked the man in screaming out for the guards. After a few moments of investigating the scene, it wasn't hard to identify the blade that was embedded into the woman's body; it was a knife hand-crafted in Rachel, the capital of their enemy's city.

Nephilia, out of the respect of her populace and the her fellow church members, was buried in the catacombs underneath the Church in a few days next to the other Popes of before while the office stood awfully silent…

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