Played by hulttiems
Name Nerina
Gender Female
Age 30 (looks about 15)
Race Mermaid
Birthdate April 23
Height 5'8
Weight 132
Hair Sapphire Blue
Eyes Emerald Green
Skin tone Pale with an assortment of blue and green scales on her face, arms, and stomach
Occupation n/a
Favourite food Fish
Known skills Intermediate in Water Magic
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Shore of The Odin Temple


Long Sapphire Blue hair with an assortment of Shells and coral in her hair. Emerald green eyes, Blue and green scales that cover her face. She usually wears a divided cape when out on shore with an exposed stomach, a colorful and decorative light blue brassier decorated with pearls and a silk dark green skirt with gold trim and white boots that extend up to her thigh. When transformed into a mermaid her tail is an assortment of Blue, Green and Purple scales.


Friendly to everyone, save for humans. She's usually a cheerful person willing to talk.


When she was 10 she was told that her mother was killed in an accident by sailors. However her mother simply died of old age on land. She feels a sense of renvenge and dislikes most humans only if they're sailors or fishers. Everyone else she's rather cautious to be around. She usually wanders the world and usually tries to sink ships by leading them into rocky passages.




  • Carries a 1 gallon container of water with her. Always.
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