Noble Castiel
Played by Rhunie
Name Noble Winlow Castiel
Gender Female
Age 42
Race Bastet
Birthdate October 31st
Height 5'1O
Weight 134 lbs
Hair Black bangs/White
Eyes Sky Blue
Skin tone Light Tan
Occupation Apothecary( Dcotor )/and/Knight
Favorite Drink Milk
Favorite Food Salmon
Known skills Advanced Medical, Exotic Weapon Fighting, Several Languages
Alignment Lawful Good
Religion Triantism > Wicca
Birthplace Aldebaran


  • Feline Form
    • While in her cat form, Noble is a just under average. She has medium length fur that is very soft. Noble's tail is long and very fluffy. Her fur is all black aside from her back two paws and her left front paw. Also from under her nose down her chest in a diamond shape is white. She is commonly seen with a blue ribbon around her neck that has two silver bells attached to it. Strangely these bells do not make a sound unless directly touched.
  • Human Form
    • Unlike her feline form, Noble is a tall woman. Standing at 5'1O she has long limbs that are very strong. Although she is 42 years old, physically she looks to be early to mid twenties. Because of her race she has large black feline ears atop her head that help convey her emotions along with her long and fluffy tail. Noble's body structure is rather pleasing, having a slender face and neck. Narrow shoulders, leading down to her large breasts and slim waist. Finally flowing out into rounded hips and toned legs. Noble has extremely bright blue eyes, similar to an afternoon sky. Her hair is a shining white with a silver tint, although she has naturally occurring bangs that are a very deep ebony color. Her bangs often sweep over her right eye.
  • Eibon
    • Noble's gryphon is named Eibon, he is a large battle mount. Whom has seen far to many fight's. On average he stands a good 2 feet above and average gryphon. Built like a tank, Eibon's feathers and fur are a array of grays and browns.


Noble is somewhat like her name, she is fairly composed and secure with who she is. Although she can become easily flustered when her General is near by. He makes her feel all funny inside. Although she is a bit of a trickster and a flirt, Noble enjoys the company of people. Often in her cat form, she can be seen scoring free food and pettings. She has a strange code of honor though, you would have to know her for a long period of time to understand why she does what she does.


Noble was born from a very large blue-blood family. Usually each one striving to be snooty and selective. Although Noble spend most of her childhood with her G'ma. Learning medical and some witchery, although Noble is not an active practicing witch, she did take the knowledge of herbs and things with her. Noble still visits her frequently, although she sometimes feels very drained for these visits.


Order of Griffmore

  • Aether Vengheart
    • Opinion: A new member to the brigade, he uses a trident weapon. She finds that a bit unusual. Although Noble is indifferent towards his companion Marianne. Noble enjoys lounging around him and getting free food and petted. She is most pleased with him, feeling very fond of him.
    • Gryphon: Luke
    • Rating: Liked ( +72 )
  • Ankasamun
    • Opinion: Fellow member in the brigade, she seems to have a similar fighting style to Noble. Although she is eager, Noble sees she has some learning to do in combat while riding.
    • Gryphon: Nefer
    • Rating: Neutral ( +7 )
  • Caranakh
    • Opinion: An elven man who seems to have more battle experience than the entire order, although he is new to in air combat.
    • Gryphon: Copper
    • Rating: Neutral ( +4 )
  • Geo Damon
    • Opinion: A fellow member to the brigade, a skilled fighter. Still a child though. She is a bit hostile to him because he seems to be very naturally talented. Although she does hold a respect for his talent. Yet he has to learn to take orders from a doctor for his own good.
    • Gryphon: Zeke
    • Rating: Pleased ( +31 )
  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • Opinion: A young fellow member of the brigade, despite his age he is very mature although seemingly laid back. He is a hard worker and takes direction very well.
    • Gryphon: Lazaward
    • Rating: Pleased ( +28 )
  • Renkaru Saotome
    • Opinion: A new member to the brigade, he seems to be very kind if naive. Having very 'Do the right thing' views on situations. Although, sometimes you can't do the right thing for the greater good.
    • Gryphon: UNAVAILABLE
    • Rating: Neutral ( +17 )
  • Rhidwen Blodwin
    • Opinion: The General of the Brigade, Order of Griffmore, Noble is extremely loyal to her General. She does have a secret crush on him but would never be so bold as to act upon it. Although she does often act as a secretary and care for his health. She brings him tea and treats every so often, despite Noble being a grown woman she feels very timid around the General and sometimes often zones out while he is speaking.
    • Gryphon: Aquilo
    • Rating: Loved ( +76 )
Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100


  • Has a background in herbalism and physical therapy.
  • Does lots of work with the poor who cannot get medical care.
  • Prefers her feline form to her human form.
  • Easily distracted by shiny things, outside of combat.
  • Weak spot is the ears and tail~.
  • Understands and speaks ( Avantese - Gallieu -Zeiheim - Karmish - Slovya - Khuzbli - Nanjian - Selua - Elven) fluently.
  • Rides a gryphon named Eibon, whom is large and built like a brick wall.
  • Is very much crushing on General Blodwin.
  • Joined the Order of Griffmore.
  • Acts sort of as the General's assistant.
  • Noticed strange weather patterns.
  • +1 Rank the in Order of Griffmore
  • Looking for information on strange weather patterns.
  • Training missions are fun~ +3!
  • Be ready to move the 'Scroll'.
  • Was slightly injured moving minerals to Ayothaya.
  • Got thank you note +1 from the General.
  • Got macked on by Renkaru.
  • -1 confession to General Rhidwen.
  • Macked on Aether.
  • Delivered Jeremiah's baby girl.
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