Played by Rev
Name Nyri ???
Gender Female
Age 11
Race Human
Birthdate February 19th
Height 4'7"
Weight 80 lbs.
Hair Raven Black
Eyes Deep Violet
Skin tone Slightly tanned
Occupation Hunter and adventurer!
Favourite food Anything sweet
Known skills Bow & Arrows usage.
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Morroc


Info pending.


Nyri comes off as a brat. Just a plain little spoiled rotten brat. Except she's far from spoiled. Being young and never really having friends, she's pretty much socially inept at times and doesn't know how to act around other people. So she acts bratty to protect herself. It isn't for attention, just protecting. It probably doesn't help her any that she's very stubborn as well, ending up getting into a lot of trouble.

Underneath this hard exterior, however, is a fun-loving girl who just wants to be loved. She tries to be years older than she is, but it's painfully obvious that she's just a young girl trying to find herself a place in the world. To find affection and a family. Someone to love. She isn't ever very good at handling emotions and can be easily influenced by others.


Born in the midst of civil war in Morroc, Nyri's parents ran away from the city and left their mistake (Nyri) behind to die. An older man noticed loud baby wails coming from the home and found a baby all alone. Saddened by such a thing, he decided to get her out of the Dark Town and took her to Prontera Orphanage. It was there she was raised, but not in the best conditions. Once she hit about 5, Nyri was basically another laboring child for the orphanage.

The girl didn't take long to grow sick of such a thing and decided to run away at the age of 9. She lived amongst the wild, living on the land. At first it was hard, but months passed and it became natural. Eventually she stumbled upon the Archer Town of Payon and decided to try her luck at shooting arrows. She seemed to have a natural talent and was immediately accepted after a few trials. A year went by, and she was one of the most skilled in her age group. However, she felt like something was missing. Her peers all had families… somewhere to go home to. She slept in one of the storage rooms for the guild. It was then that she told them she was leaving and wasn't going to come back unless she found what she was missing.

Since then, she's been traveling to find some place to call home. Or some person. Winding up in Shyden after another year, she is still on the hunt.


  • Valdes M. Phisto/Jack-O
    • This man approached her one day with a strange offer, explaining how both evil and good are necessary in the world. He tempted her to join the Veterans of Disorder but someone stopped him before it was too late.
  • Gilver
    • The first kid in Shyden she ever talked to. They got along right off the bat and since then she always looks forward to his company. Though she hates to admit it, she has a little crush on him and is constantly worried about making a fool of herself around him.
  • Ferrum Aeternum
    • Nyri sees Ferrum as an older sister of sorts. She thinks she's the coolest thing since sliced bread and looks up to her completely. No one else can chill Nyri out as well as Ferrum can, which is quite surprising. Nyri likes to tease Tilius and Ferrum for their relationship a lot.
  • Madison Bjoernson
    • Nyri also sees Madison as an older sister and thinks she's bad ass. She respects her a lot and follows her like a little puppy dog. Nyri does not know that Madison has died, but is bound to be very sad when she does.
  • Tilius Redgrave
    • Nyri at first hated his guts, more than anyone in Shyden… But since he's been nicer to her, she's taken to accepting he could very well be her older brother one day (because of Ferrum). She loves teasing him and trying to annoy him, but it's all out of good fun and love.


  • WARNING: Nyri WILL throw rocks at you if she does not like you.
  • Nyri accidentally has killed a young boy in Shyden. She tries to forget about it.
  • Has a crush on Gilver. PUPPY LOVE.
  • Is really loud. No… I mean, she's REALLY loud.
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