Oichi Hikari
Played by itsybitsy
Name Oichi Hikari
Gender Female
Age 22
Race Human
Birthdate 5th june
Height tall
Weight average
Hair red hair
Eyes chestnut brown
Skin tone average slightly yellow
Occupation Priest,Nurse,Voluntary worker
Favourite food Chicken,ruffles chip,takoyaki,coke,green tea
Known skills Making small craft/souvenirs
Alignment neutral good
Birthplace Amatsu


She is a plain, normal looking girl with not much to show and doesn't stand out, but her personality is more than enough to make up for that. She is sweet and gentle and likes to help people. Despite her normal look, deep down her heart is beautiful


Oichi is a shy, reserved and socially awkward priest, which explains why she will mostly withdraw herself from social functions - it is too stressful for her to handle. She likes to quietly sit in a corner and observe people. Because she's like that, she doesn't have many friends, therefore friends mean a lot to her. But for people who know her, they will realise that she is a loyal and supportive friend. She enjoys giving a helping hand to others too.

Even though she is hardworking, she isn't very good with using her skills. She has a tendency to cast wrong spells in situations. As a result, she would rather solo to level up or to do quest even though she has limited abilities. And because she has to be independent, she's always finding ways and means to earn money

Even though she is a priest, Oichi is a bit clumsy & accident prone (which explains why the best skill she excels in is 'Heal') This is nothing special since this is her job as a priest.

One good thing about her is she is diligent and good with theory exams but not very good with putting theory into practice.
She works part-time as a nurse in lighthalzen hospital to have extra earnings for rainy day
and is sometimes seen making crafts and accessories to sell to customers for yet another extra earning

She likes to go around places to gather quest items and keep nice looking stuff to sell so that she can have her own spending money since church income is so little


Oichi's family runs a small business in amatsu making clothes for ninjas
When she's young, she often wonders why there are so many ninjas carrying wounds on their bodies to visit her family run shop to mend their clothings, only to learn that many of them have injured themselves in duels, practising skills or while being hired to carry out assassination jobs. Out of compassion for them, she often uses her first aid on them as a novice and many a times, she'll see some of them who're too wounded and she feels she cant help them with her limited abilities. So she decided to be someone who can do greater things
and thus decided to be a priest

Her dad is an Atheist while mum is a free thinker.
Oichi had lots of opposition when she decided to become a priest but being a determined girl, she knows that being a priest is to help people so she persisted


  • Renzoku Hikari:father
  • Misako Hikari:mother


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