Owlbell Nuctros Vi
Played by Joel (JoJo)
Name Owlbell Nuctros VI
Gender Male
Age 16
Race Human
Birthdate 23rd of June
Height 165 cm
Weight 59 kg
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation Noble Brat
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Prontera
Family Lineage Nuctros (Yuno)


A boy who tends to overdress in frilly, fancy and rich looking clothing. Wears a feathered hat and either orange or yellow clothes, typically a golden approach to outfits.


Owlbell is a spoiled brat to put it simply. He is overconfident and proud of his family but he is all talk with not enough brawns to back up what he says. Although he certainly likes to imagine himself better than he is. Tends to look down on most other people as "Mediocrity" because of his full-headedness. However he hates the Kristelle family so much he will grant anyone who harbors dislike for them his attention.


The Nuctros is a wealthy family that derives from Yuno where they were avid bookkeepers and collectors. The family donated many books to the local libraries and funded support for extending and expanding the libraries and knowledge in general. Since then, the family gained noble status for its large support in the pursuit of knowledge and moved to Prontera where it stays in current day. Some cousins stay in Yuno as a stable contact so that the Nuctros family can keep up the work of expanding libraries. They are currently working on collecting books in the Migard area.

Owlbell's older brothers tend to take care of the business and paperwork in dealing with the local transactions, enscribings, funding and so on. Meanwhile Owlbell tends to abuse the noble name and go around pretending he is better than everyone.

Sometime in the past, the Kristelle family and the Nuctros family owned land near each other. In the middle was land that was claimed by both. The Nuctros family was working on gathering the paper work to officially buy the land but Kristelles used their influence of high status to simply take the land first. As a result, there's a long historical Nuctros hatred for the Kristelles, calling them thieves. Owlbell as a young hotheaded brat harbors this extreme distaste for the Kristelle family more than anyone and goes on to lall them all filthy devils. He still vows vengeance against them.


  • Void Kristelle


1. Encountered Void in Payon where they exchanged insults. Owlbell lost the duel but not the war!

Recent Development

  • Sulking over his lost and planning revenge against Void.
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