Played by Zero
Name Paro
Gender Male
Age 17
Race Warewolf
Birthdate October 30
Height 7'11" (almost 8)
Weight 64 KG
Hair Blue
Eyes Steely eyes blue (in night it glows brightly)
Skin tone Tan (human form)
Occupation Servant with no Master
Favourite food Fresh Meat, Human Meat
Known skills ordinary wolf
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Wolvesfield Crags


has a silky short hair that covers one side of his eye and it has a Eye patch on it
and this picture is Paro in Dog form?(sine i was given a white one)


kind, soft when it comes to humans and different when it comes to his kind


his mother died in the age of 2 so all of his life is being controlled by his father for that his father wanted Paro to be the best of all werewolves and he was trained well. he's hair is totally pulled back and he was the tallest among the pack and standing proud. and there is this feast with the other pack and Paro's father lined him up in the duel, and during the Duel Paro was clawed in his right eye but the eye in nearly damaged because the opponent did a dirty move but paro was able to dodge for the critical but in the end Paro won and he became the right hand of his father.

Paro's father was planning to attack the village and Paro didn't know the reason why, so he followed silently and did his part. while they are attacking the village, p\Paro Killed a lot and while searching for survivors alone and he saw the kid with white hair, pale skin and red eyes. the kid begged Paro to spare his life because he has lost everything that he has and he still want to live because he was told, and Paro spared his life and helped him escape the massacre but then Paro's father saw him and he was in total rage and attacked paro while protecting the kid but the kid lost his right eye and Paro's was able to escape from his father. leaving his father hearing a loud angry howl.

they went to the forest in the safest spot the kid was near his death and paro was able to save him from his small magic of healing and he donated his damaged eye to him. when the kid woke up, Paro introduced himself to the kid and somehow the kid had a amnesia, so Paro took care of him until the day that he left the kid to the human who was training in the forest and Paro left.


  • Cloud (Ceon)
    • Opinion: Paro Saved him and donated his eye to him but they never knew each other
    • Rating: +24
  • Lionel Freeborn
    • Opinion: Paro almost consider him as his best friend
    • Rating: +40
  • Masae Angela
    • Opinion: Who he met on Shyden and Paro Waits for her return to learn making sandwich
    • Rating: -20
  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • Opinion: they met on Harmonia (not sure *__*) while having a Chat with Sabriel Lightwing and took a stolen shot of Paro
    • Rating: +50
  • Geo Damon
    • Opinion: hey met in a different way in shyden, paro was hungry at the time and the thinks that Geo is a walking meat.
    • Rating: +50
  • Rhunie
    • Opinion: a fellow human that he met on (….RHUNIE!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!)
    • Rating: +20
  • Seigfried Forte
    • Opinion: a Fellow human who always plays with his musical instrument on Shyden.
    • Rating: +20
  • Kung Pao
    • Opinion: Paro Stole his food at Prontera and Payon, gave him a Gryphon
    • Rating: +70 ((due that he has food.. good food))
  • Mihn
    • Opinion: a Fellow Guildmate with Kung Pao, they met in Prontera. and Paro Gave Him Skye the Gryphon
    • Rating: +20
  • Redrozil
    • Opinion: a Fellow who almost have same suffering as he does
    • Rating: +70
  • Terra Softwind
    • Opinion: they met on shyden and paro was sad because of what she said when he was in wolf form
    • Rating: +20
  • Dyson
    • Opinion: they met on shyden with Terra somehow he's a wise man with good goals
    • Rating: +20

Renkaru Saotome
Fenris Valkayira
Renee Grenier
Nikolas Kumaara
Seer Argent
Vernal Traviatta
Iyasu Li
Aster Reginus

Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100


  • has a old Collar with a name Paro on it
  • he's weak against cute things
  • he's type of person who controls his patience… once its too much… he'll kill you whoever you are
  • Paro has a 3 colors. White, Red and Blue. the White is nothing plain and simple and has a pure pride as a warewolf. and Red is the most Dangerous stage he's totally short tempered and has no conscience and very persistent, careless, and bold. as for the blue, is the kindest stage and easily get scared and has a long temper and hard to break it.
  • His body is almost covered with scars
  • His Dog/Wolf forms the size his 5ft high when he walks and 3 ft wide (i am not sure if this is acceptable)
  • he can endure any attack or pains you give him but he gets easily hurt to emotions.
  • Collects Cute Stuff and stores it.
  • makes also cute stuff when he's in the mood.
  • if you say to Paro with a serious face that i shall take the test or talk about it that If the challenger deserves to be his master , then paro will say the details of his test.

Recent Events

  • Help in Taking back Shyden from the Orcs
  • Etiquette lesson in eating and the teacher was Sabriel
  • newly came out from jail
  • looks out for Kung for some meat
  • stays in Caution whenever the succubus is around
  • Taming Gryphons and looking for someone who can fix his shirt so he's half naked today and his body has a lot of terrible scars.
  • newly joined in a Group but still he's going to look that what are groups for.
  • is now looking forward to the training with Kung Pao and looking for Steel Pants for his shirt


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