Piaras Wolfwood
Played by Piaras Wolfwood
Name Piaras Wolfwood
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Human
Birthdate November 2nd
Height 5'11"
Weight ~200 lbs
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Anima Knight, Treasure Hunter, Captain of The Skyblade
Favourite food Steak, Potatoes, Corn
Known skills Golden Scorpion Style (Polearm/Two-Handed Sword Mastery/Fighting Style)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Prontera


Standing just shy of six feet, of average build and weight, Piaras is a handsome young man. Sporting a head of shoulder-length dark-brown hair, he usually keeps his silken locks tied back in a loose ponytail (though lately he's been wearing his rather luscious hair down). Perhaps most striking of all about Piaras, is his pair of dark mahogany eyes, so deeply hued that they almost appear to have no pupil. While this is certainly not the case, it would seem that his gaze was striking, seeming to pierce the very soul of anyone he looked in the eyes. It is due to this that he often avoids prolonged eye contact.

More recently, Piaras has purchased a black tribal tattoo, an elegant-looking scorpion positioned on his upper right arm. This is symbolic of his zodiac, Scorpio.

Normal: Piaras can usually be seen clad in ornate plate armor, obviously custom-made. A polearm of some sort or two-handed sword can always be seen sheathed to his back and he usually wears an ornamental pair of wings which perch on his temples, sweeping back in an elegant valkyrie style.



Piaras is a good man at heart. Raised by honest parents, he often has difficulty blatantly lying to people, so more often than not, he'd rather tell the truth. While young, he has quickly outgrown the brash, sarcastic man he was to become more serious and interested in the events of the world as a whole. Though occasionally his sense of humor will shine through, Piaras prefers to sit back and let things work themselves out. That said, he is a confident warrior, and very capable in the art of combat. While he'd never flaunt it, it is clear that when the time comes for battle, there is no finer ally to have at your side.

Lately, Piaras has drawn deeply within himself. With the loss of Rosa, he has become colder, less social, and his mood noticeably darker.


When confronted with a defeated foe, Piaras is usually one to offer his opponent quarter or the chance at redemption. Most of his foes would rather fight to the last, forcing him to put them down for good. He is overall an honorable combatant, but he has shown that he is willing to do what it takes to win and bring as many of his comrades through to victory as he can. He is a merciful fighter, choosing only to engage in combat when there really is no other option.


Early Life:
Born and raised in Prontera, Piaras was birthed to a pair of middle class merchants: Willem and Melody Wolfwood. Educated from a young age to be an honest, hard-working and intelligent young man, Piaras quickly took to swordplay, despite feeling like an outsider among his peers. Becoming a Novice at the age of sixteen, he went on serveral low-key quests only further fueling his thirst for adventure. As he grew, Piaras became a Swordsman at the age of eighteen and traveled to Einbroch, wanting to improve not only his combat ability but also further educate himself, opting to learn about airships as he found travel to be much easier aboard such a behemoth and the vehicles themselves to be fascinating. He spent the better part of three years studying, learning the ins-and-outs of airship flight, repair, and maintenance. When not learning, Piaras was training, often in the fields outside the city, engaging increasingly powerful foes as well as sparring with some of his fellow combat-minded peers. While not widely known, Piaras also had considerable firearms training, his natural agility and dexterity serving him well on the firing range. While not a large focus of his time, he felt it might be a useful skill in the future.

Upon reaching the age of twenty-four, Piaras left Einbroch with the knowledge he sought as well as several contacts and friends he would call upon in the future. Returning to Prontera, he spent three months preparing for his Knight examination. Passing his ordeal without question, Piaras began his life as a freelance adventurer, plumbing the depths of caves and ruins, bringing back rare and valuable treasures. Always in the back of his mind he kept his fascination with airships and his lofty dream of one day sailing the skies on one of his own alive with every coin and gem he stashed away. It seemed his dream was well within sight.

During a short foray into the Glast Heim dungeons, Piaras, unprepared for what lurked there nearly met his end. Overwhelmed by a veritable horde of foes, Piaras fell to a brutal assault. While the instance was foggy, Piaras recalls opening his eyes briefly to witness a Zealotus claiming ownership of him, the other monsters cowering and backing away at her command and decree. He awoke the next day, sore, but alive. He soon learned the name and intention of his savior. Rosa. While a Zealotus, (there are more than one of course), it appeared that she was still young by their standards, having not yet comitted to the Rite of Adulthood within their circle. She professed to Piaras that she was scared, and that she often did not see eye-to-eye with her sisters. Hesitantly, Piaras agreed to escort her from the dungeons and allow her to travel with him, showing her the path of Mercy, Compassion, and Civility. To this day, the pair has been inseparable watching out for one another in every adventure Piaras has embarked upon, including his ascension to the title of Lord Knight.

While awaiting the completion of his airship, The Skyblade, Piaras and his companion Rosa were hunting Verit in the lower levels of the Morroc Pyramids. It was then that a mysterious, darkly-garbed assassin (not the class) wielding a pair of heavy, red-colored pistols attacked Piaras. The two fought for the better part of an hour, Piaras losing badly as he could barely fend off the hail of gunfire with his heavy polearm and natural agility. As Piaras fell, the assailant raised his weapon for a coup de grace. As a final act of loyalty and love for her companion, Rosa leapt in the way, shielding Piaras from the lethal shot. As Rosa fell to the ground, Piaras flew into a berserk frenzy, lunging for the assassin. The fight didn't last more than thirty seconds as his renewed vigor drove the silent man to his knees. Before Piaras could bring his weapon to bear to finish him off, the assassin escaped, leaving behind naught but his echoing laughter as he ran through the ancient corridors.

Falling to his knees beside Rosa, Piaras wept for her, clutching her limp body to his own. She raised a hand to stroke his face, offering him a weak smile and gazing down into his friend's eyes, Piaras admitted his love for Rosa, causing tears to form in her own eyes. Before she had the chance to respond, she fell silent and limp, the flame of life fading forever from Piaras' most dear friend.

Hours passed before Piaras finally emerged from the Pyramids, changed… Darker.


Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
  • Rosa
    • Opinion: (Deceased) Once Piaras' closest friend, she met her end when Piaras was attacked by a mysterious assassin. Shielding Piaras from the assailant's final blow, Rosa sacrificed her life for him.
    • Rating: Loved [+99]
  • Dimaryp Evans
    • Opinion: Piaras' best friend growing up. While Dimaryp went the path of the Crusader, Piaras chose a less pious path. Piaras admires Dimaryp's fortitude and resolve and still considers him a great friend despite their differences.
    • Rating: Loved [+75]
  • Cecona Domanin
    • Opinion: A spunky, energetic woman whom Piaras met in a recent tournament. She tricked him, stealing a kiss from him in the process to which Piaras didn't seem to object.
    • Rating: Liked [+70]
  • Paro
    • Opinion: An odd lycanthrope and the first person Piaras met when he arrived in Shyden, Piaras is often pleased to see him as the mood always seems lighter with Paro around.
    • Rating: Liked [+50]
  • Basile RĂ³nan
    • Opinion: One of the first elves Piaras ever met on a name-to-name basis. He is unsure of what to make of her given her strange choice of clothing but feels that she's a decent person from what he's observed.
    • Rating: Pleased [+25]
  • Irith
    • Opinion: A random young woman and rival treasure hunter who can always seem to make Piaras laugh and smile despite his mood. Stranger is the fact that he barely knows her. Though her mouth seems to get her in alot of trouble, Piaras feels a certain affinity for her, mostly in part to their shared past-time of dungeon-diving.
    • Rating: Pleased [+25]

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