Quella Amita
Played by Naomi Han
Name Quella Amita
Gender Female
Age 188
Race Elven
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5"7
Weight 130lb
Hair Dark Ebony
Eyes Dark Gold/Hazel
Skin tone Tanned Olive
Occupation None
Favourite food N/A
Known skills Powerful Master of Elemental Magic (lacks physical strength)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Merrivale


The soft, beautiful features of an 18year old. She has a slender seductive
demeanor complimented by soft curves, for the mostpart her actions and
movements are intentionally 'over the top' sexy.She normally adorns "human"
clothing, but can change her clothing appearance using magic. Usually wears
the gears of the many she's face.


Usually an overconfident prick, she has little regard for authority, and loves
to give chat. Knowing she is young and powerful has given her a false sense of
the order of things, can be annoying cocky as a result.


Magic genius! Once a human with the greed for power and riches in her
heart, like many of the human race, Quella tried all the right
ways to acquire such things; but to her misfortune she gained more power
than she bargained for, at too large a price.

Ninety and three years she was, still searching when the stranger
without relent took her bout of human life; whispering the notion
of rebirth to her; he grasped the essence of her human soul and cast
it into his empty belly..

The Stranger, an elven warlock, died thousands of years later, and his essence dwelt
with Quella; Quella's empowered soul drifted to the nearest empty body,
Which happened to be a still-born Elven infant, Quella had life once again.

Quella Amita left her elven home after 100 years of life, and wandered
the wilderness till present day 88 years later, now girded with the bounty of her survival.

She waves power well beyond the reach of her years, yet wouldn't use them on a whim
with her current mindset, even if a life may depend on it(this could change due to character evolution);
but her soul is tainted with the stench of evil intentions, the greed
for power and the lust for battle. Yet she roams Shyden's streets often,
in an effort to re-socialize herself having broken away from the normal
Elven lifestyle.



Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100


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