Regetta Marigold (Deceased)
Played by ArturiaPendragon
Name Regetta Marigold (Formally known as Ellis Gardania)
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Human
Birthdate December 24
Height 157 cm (5"1 Feet)
Weight 43 kilograms (97 pounds)
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Gold
Skin tone Fair
Current Occupation Servant of Amdis
Favourite food Bread
Known skills Card Switching, Great magic Usage, Intermediate Swordsmanship
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Izlude
Quote "To throw my old self away, and to embrace the new…"


Dark brown bobbed hair reaching towards her neck, with bright golden eyes to match. Her clothes are like of a Crusader's, in black, completed with a black cape during battle. However, her casual outfit when not working is just a simple one piece white dress with a drawing of a poring at the front. She has a small neutral look on her face, which doesn't seem to be threatening enough to pull people away from her, nor to attract others. Her belt has a small pocket capable of holding a deck of cards, which is part of her fighting style. She also carries a particular cute Poring Rucksack behind her, as she treasures it, keeping it to good condition, and also a dark winged helmet on her head.


Upon first glance, the girl might seem to be very threatening, and upon one wrong word which you say to her, she could cut down a neck or two. Regetta is a bit threatening towards those which holds authority over something, like owners of cities and towns. However, once you get to know her well, she isn't exactly as intimidating and ruthless as one might expect, which is pretty much just an act. She's really kind and polite to those she opens up with, and actually she's a bit shy as well, and also very undecided, as she doesn't really know what she actually wants. Regetta is also a bit clumsy when she's cooking anything other than bread, and she trips and falls during when she's nervous.


Working at a small bakery at Izlude, Regetta (Ellis Gardania) used to be a fragile girl which falls victim to illness quite easily, and because of her shy nature, she doesn't really have that much people close to her. She studies quite a bit of magic in Geffen, the city of Magic, and she took up a bit of her father's battling skills by watching it. Ellis' mother is a very kind woman who looks after the entire family, although a bit clumsy with housework, which leads Ellis to cleaning the house. Her father, however, who loves sparring with someone, tends to like running around the neighborhood, looking for challengers. Regardless of her parents being like so, the three are actually really close to each other, like a big family. A few years have passed until she was around 15, when she has met a young man, by the name of Jeremiah under a certain tree, which at first she finds a bit hard to talk to, but eventually after some events between the both of them, she began to open up more towards him, and soon, that feeling became love. The both of them also gave each other presents usually, and one of her most precious gifts was a rucksack of her favorite creature, the Poring.

However, that happiness never lasted forever. One day, Jeremiah just disappeared from her life. She waited for weeks for him to show up, and tried finding him everywhere in Izlude. Weeks have passed with her constant worrying, and she suddenly fell with a bad fever. During her sickness, she started questioning why Jeremiah didn't come anymore, as she didn't want to be lonely again, which built a new power inside her which she made, the magic in form of her loneliness and rage. When she was cured from her fever, she almost became a new person, awakened with the desire to take over Rune Midgard so people doesn't end up like her, and to cease any wars and raids, like the present.

Saying goodbye to her parents, and discarding her name, Ellis Gardania, she made a new alias which surrounds her feelings, Regetta Marigold. She went off with Jeremiah in her mind, with dominion in her mind.


  • To mutter loyalty
    • During her visit to Geffen, she encountered the Mayor of Geffen, Amdis, as she challenged her to battle. During the first round, Regetta was able to hold her off, dealing quite a number of damage towards the Mayor, but however during her second round, she had her rucksack taken away from her, which lost her entire will to fight. In desperation to get it back, she signed a contract for loyalty towards Amdis.
  • Painful Reunion
    • At the second raid with the Arunafeltz army, with Regetta on Amdis' side, she encountered Jeremiah. Extremely shocked to see his face, she sneaked out of Amdis' supervision to pay a visit towards him in Shyden's inn, only to find him injured after the battle. Knowing that Jeremiah is still alright, her current mind is to one day find an opening from Amdis to strike her down.
  • The Angel's last feather
    • After the raid from Payon to Izlude, Regetta got angered as she heard that Creed was the one who nearly burned down Izlude 3 years ago. Because of this, she attacked him to try to make him apologize, only to be caught fighting him by an angered Amdis, who barely has enough energy left. Despite her efforts to escape, she was severely injured by Creed, and her soul taken away by the Grim Reaper, with her muttering Jeremiah's name, with an incomplete letter in her hand, taken by Creed.


  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • Her lover, and the one who has saved her from her cage, who suddenly disappeared without knowing the reason. He was the giver of her Poring Rucksack, and after their reunion at Shyden, it gives her the more reason to cut Amdis down when the chance opens.
  • Geo Damon
    • A young man she entrusts the care of Jeremiah. Regetta literally begged Geo for his cooperation to take care of Jeremiah during her absence and her alliance with Amdis, seeing as how the both of them are close.
  • Amdis
    • A woman who Regetta absolutely despise to her core, she was the one who placed Regetta her slave, along with hurting Jeremiah and taking over Izlude. Regetta swore to herself to take down Amdis when the chance arises, and to reunite with Jeremiah once more.


  • The entire evil personality is pretty much an act, to maintain her pressure towards other people shall there be a need to challenge her.
  • She's a bit poor in money, only capable of buying bread and water to eat.
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