Renkaru Saotome
Played by Renkaru
Name Renkaru Saotome
Gender male
Age 40 human years
Race Elf
Birthdate August 13th
Height 6'0
Weight 160
Hair slivery white
Eyes sky blue
Skin tone slightly pale with flushed cheeks
Occupation Griffmore Knight/traveling knight
Favourite food Fresh fruit/ Berry Tea
Known skills Efficient with his sword, sowing, swimming
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Merrivale


Renkaru is a average height elf, with slender and a well toned body. He has a fair complexion, like most of his kin, and only looks like a 17 year old human. His mid-length sliverly white hair, pulled back in a pony tail and bright blue eyes, is what sets him apart from most of his people. He is fairly self-conscious about his body, even though he is fit as fit can be, his shyness can get in the way.
He usually wears his grandfather’s ornate armor that he received from his mother when he returned.


He is a very soft spoken and caring person. He is shy at times, but when there is something to be said, he will say it. Sometimes he can be abit to blunt, but honesty is one of his strong points. Loyalty comes first in his mind, to his friends and to their happiness. Renkaru is a very sensitive and loving, he can also have his feelings hurt easily.



Recent Events

  • stole a melon for starving orphans
  • thought that Geo Damon was after him
  • He met some new friends, who oddly all knew his name. At first he was weirded out, but he came to like them all
  • He met Aether and Noble
  • Went to a festival
  • Sparred against Noble
  • started to have a slight crush on Noble
  • Met Paro
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