Rhen Xun Mao
Played by Zero
Name Rhen Zun Mao
Gender Male
Age 14
Race Human:Yuanian
Birthdate March 30
Height 4'11"
Weight 15Kg
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Skin tone Tanned-Asian
Occupation Inventor of magic
Favourite food Anything that is sweet and edible
Known skills Casting random magic
Alignment Supersweet
Birthplace Gonryun


Pure black short hair that covers the head leaving the face showed and his bangs points to the center almost covering to the nose (the shape of it in the front head is (\V/), and he has round big eyes and always have a light-pink blush on it

his clothing is a emo-like shirt with a long sleeve that is stripes, and his staff is a witch's umbrella that is color black and he is wearing a black jeans and black shoes.


Clumsy, ignorant yet somehow has stupidity, but he's sweet innocent and lovely and very kind.


his Brother Zhao Rong Mao took care of him ever since his parents past away. he has most of his genes came from his lovely mother who is good in casting spells but there are differences between him and his brother Zhao, Zhao is good is casting spells and very intelligent man and Rhen sucked and Rhen has the perfect physical abilities in combat, good speed and combat so he can cast spells really fast but somehow very reckless he may cast something up or worse get blown up. but he really insist in magics. and Rhen has monstrous strength. and he really trasures his big brother by making something weird things.


  • Zhao Rong Mao

- his only brother


  • every time he done something wrong he ask his brother (Zhao) to give the person a candy as a gift.
  • Is looking for a Necromancer teacher
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