Played By Rhunie
Name Rhunie ( Kalkkrake Fabcaster ) Damon
Gender Female
Age 17
Race Human
Birthdate 15th of April
Height 5'1" / 154.94 cm
Weight 1O3 lbs / 46.72 kg
Hair Maroon/Black
Eyes Soft/Rosey Pink
Skin tone Creamy Pale
Occupation Maid/and/Waitress at Hugel Inn/Restaurant
Favorite Food Cake
Favorite Drink Honey Tea
Known Skills Minor in Elemental Magic, (Magic) Cooking, Learning Necromancy (?)
Known Languages Avantese, Arunese, Karmish, Nanjian, Elven
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Geffen Area
Residence Lighthalzen Mansion


Rhunie has a small pixie style body. She is relatively proportional for her petite form, having slightly longer legs for her body. Her torso is hour glass like with a slightly below average bust size and a narrow waist. Her physical state is toned but not very muscular, she is more soft and squishy due to lack of exercise and too many sweets. Her facial features are very delicate and young, she has round angled eyes with long dark lashes.


Rhunie can be easily described as a bleeding heart that has been candy coated. She works hard to try and find the good in everyone and every situation. It's a highly rare thing for her to hate anyone. Even more rare for her to voice her hatred at someone. Although her hating someone is rare, rage and anger are not so much. She is very well known for letting her emotions boil over and using magic to express them in a very vivid way. Despite her being quick to anger, most of the time she is very cutesy and innocent. Trying to help people with whatever she can and possibly to help them better themselves. Never really looking for anything in return. Rhunie easily 'adopts' people into her family, never having had a real normal structure of a family. Despite her darker past, she really does try to see the good in the world, although it is not always easily seen.


Rhunie's past is a sad one, even before she entered this world. Her parents were two young and lively adventurers who's love for one another could not be matched. The pair traveled all over, nothing felt off limits to them. After some time Rhunie's mother became pregnant with her. She was never pleased with it, wishing for the child to have never been born. Her mother would place both the unborn Rhunie and herself into the utmost danger without a second thought. To her distaste, somehow Rhunie had luck on her side and managed to keep them alive till she was born. Never once holding her child or looking at Rhunie after she was born, her mother never claimed her. After a few short years, the family was traveling through a nearly never ending forest. That is when things changed for Rhunie's childhood. Her mother left her father in a most painful way, leaving him with the small Rhunie and no money.

Rhunie's father was torn between what he knew was right and what would be easier. taking the easy way out he chose to leave Rhunie in the woods and get away. Let the child be the forests problems. Hours went by and her father tried his hardest to get away, but always ended up being brought back to the crying Rhunie. Again, again, and again, hr tried to gt away, the forest held him fast to her. After a while he changed, wishing to silence the child once and fer all he went to Rhunie ready to take her fragile life. Only, he couldn't, for the first time he really treasured her. Promising to always love her and only her at that spot he took his child and gave her everything she could ever want. It came at a cost though, she was never seen by anyone, or allowed to speak to anyone. If she looked at another person, Rhunie's father would punish her int he most painful ways magic would permit.

All the while through each punishment, telling her, it was all for his love. It was his love alone she wanted and needed. No one else. For years he did this, Rhunie obeyed and only thought of her father. One day she became scared, her father had been gone for many days, and the food left for her was gone. Scared to starve she ventured out into the world amazed by how kind people were to her. They were not the monsters in sheep's clothing she believed them to be. Although when she returned her father was there. So engaged he punished her to the brink of her life. That is when Rhunie knew, he was the bad one, not the world. For months after that her father chained her in their small room to keep her from ever getting away. For those months Rhunie taught herself magic from books to aid in her escape.

When the day came she burned the chains, melting the metal, leaving the house a blaze. Nothing left behind but the ashes. Going on and making a new life for herself. She spent most of her time working in the deserts, helping bandits. As long as it paid she didn't care. After a while being lead to Shyden by a broken phone.


Ratings1 Number Levels
Hated -100 to -75
Disliked -74 to -50
Annoyed -49 to -25
Neutral -24 to +24
Pleased +25 to +49
Liked +50 to +74
Loved +75 to +100
  • Akhim
    • Opinion: She wants him dead, deader than dead if possible, and she wants every moment before that to be filled with suffering and pain.
    • Rating: Hated ( -1OO)
  • Alecto Della Corte
    • Opinion: Alecto is one of Rhunie's favorite dodgeball partners, but she has mixed feelings to her outside of the game. Due to Alecto's involvement with Sorrow she is unsure of how to feel towards her. She tries to remain neutral and not let her feelings towards Sorrow taint a friendship.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +32 )
  • Alisha Tufur
    • Opinion: Miss Mayor~! Rhunie care for Alisha a lot, not just due to her succubus powers (possibly) but because she highly respects her. She admires her ability to use magic and necromancy so seamlessly and her ability to seduce men. The confidence Alisha carries is something Rhunie wishes she could learn.
    • Rating: Liked ( +69 )
  • Basile Rónan
    • Opinion: Basile seems like a wiser woman, yet a fun spirit. From observing her she can see a common magic element they share. Although she noticed they use, or rather, cast their magic differently. She would like to get to know Basile more. Rhunie was highly pleased seeing her at the double wedding ceremony.
    • Rating: Liked ( +62 )
  • Caim Efraim Grimroy
    • Opinion: A naive and kind child, although, he is very blunt and asks questions that might be a bit tender on subject.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +27 )
  • Cecona Domanin
    • Opinion: A kind woman, whom is actually smaller than Rhunie by one full inch.
    • Rating: Liked ( +62 )
  • Cloud
    • Opinion: Rhunie likes Cloud and is wonderful music playing, she knows nothing about him really, and hopes to learn more. She does wish he was more outspoken or expressed himself more. Still she likes him as a friend and enjoys talking with him when they get the chance.
    • Rating: Neutral ( +3 )
  • Creed Damon
    • Opinion: Geo's older half brother, he kidnapped and brainwashed Rhunie for a long period of time and killed her good friend Renkaru. He could even possibly be blamed for the cause of her miscarriage, yes she cannot truly hate him. He was kind to her and she still remember how she 'felt' while brainwashed. Her feelings for him are very mixed.
    • Rating: Disliked ( -50 )
  • Curon Hifor
    • Opinion: Rumored to be Alisha's over, and working for miss Pope Nephy. He seems like a kind man. Rhunie enjoyed magic spazzing him in disguise.
    • Rating: Neutral ( +5 )
  • Davven Delmar
    • Opinion: Uncle Roger~ or Big Brother's 'not-so-secret-anymore' lover. He's rought around the edges and cold, but a lot of fun to be around sometimes. If he is what is best for Big Brother then that is what is most important to Rhunie.
    • Rating: Liked ( +62 )
  • Dyson
    • Opinion: Rhunie looks up to Dyson like a real hero. Even if he seems to prefer sleeping and being lazy to actual combat. Although after seeing him fight and fighting near him, she hopes to not go into large scale battles without him there. Plus his expansive knowledge of like, everything, is useful. If she had a question, she would bet all her zeny, Dyson would know the answer.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +35 )
  • Ellis Gardania (Regetta Marigold)
    • Opinion: After Rhunie met her in Shyden and had a spat with Geo, she went to Gonryun and hunted peaches. Later joined by Ellis and Geo, they hunted for the peaches as a group. Rhunie talked about some feeling she had been having, that she had not told anyone. Feeling confident in confiding in the woman. Knowing she is special to big brother, she thinks one day Ellis will be her 'big sister'.
    • Rating: Liked ( +7O )
  • Elsrea Lucia Vintersorg
    • Opinion: She seems like a tired and worn out woman. Judging from her appearance. Although it hurt Rhunie knowing the kind woman had just had a child. Overall Rhunie finds it a bit scary that Elsrea can talk to ghosts and see them.
    • Rating: Neutral ( +15 )
  • Fenris Luna Valkyria
    • Opinion: Rhunie likes her quite a bit, even without the extreme kindness she has been shown. Rhunie does feel greatly in debt to the woman, after all Fenris did allow Geo and herself to live in her home. She is somewhat like Rhunie's unofficial mother figure.
    • Rating: Loved ( +84 )
  • Falkon Vind
    • Opinion: She knows nothing really about him other than he is wanted in Payon with connection to the murder of it's late King. Rhunie looks forward to learning necromancy from him, since he was recommended by Dyson, she knows he has to be amazingly strong. She is only slightly terrified of him being a vampire and all that jazz.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +37 )
  • Geo Damon
    • Opinion: Rhunie's official boyfriend and magic practice target. They finally confessed their feeling out loud to each other at the hospital, after the attack on Payon and taking back of Izlude. Rhunie loves Geo 1OO%, he still can makes her blush very easily, and make her wanna magic spazz him 7 different ways to hell. Rhunie worries about Geo a great deal, because he is very reckless and brave. She does not wish to loose him to death or anyone else. Most of the time the two or inseparable, doing almost everything together.
    • Rating: Loved ( +1OO )
  • Irith
    • Opinion: Irith, she just met her and she seems very kind and funny.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +27 )
  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • Opinion: Big brother~! Rhunie met Jeremiah through Geo in Shyden Inn, she has spent time with him on and off since then and has been helped many times thanks to him. She always turns to him when there is a fight between her and Geo, often so he can fix Geo up and she can kick his butt again. She cares deeply for Jeremiah thinking of him as her older brother truly. Now Rhunie feels she can go to him with anything or even just spend fun time with him fishing, which she loves. She's the guy she'll go to when she needs someone to check for monsters in the closet or under the bed~
    • Rating: Loved ( +1OO )
  • Kirada Stathis Vinterstrong
    • Opinion: Kira~! Rhunie's female role model. She looks up to Kira as a beautiful young woman who is both wise and fun loving. Even if she has all this responsibility, the woman is still much fun to talk with and be around. Plus she is very kind and giving, Rhunie hopes to spend much time with her.
    • Rating: Liked ( +64 )
  • Kung Pao
    • Opinion: Pao Pao~! She respects him quite a bit, and finds him to be very kind. She was happy to receive a pet Lunatic from him as a gift, knowing Voice has it's sibling makes it all the more enjoyable.
    • Rating: Liked ( +55 )
  • Lanysen
    • Opinion: Mister Lan Lan~! Rhunie feels he has become a good friend, while she was in Rachel she saw him and spoke to him many times. She was comforted by how he wouldn't let anyone harm her, even though she was not exactly herself or sane at the time. Even while in the hospital he has been kind and helped her with many things. Rhunie is a bit reluctant to seeing him after the 'training' session they had. Feeling guilty for burning him badly.
    • Rating: Liked ( +7O )
  • Mihn Dou Hu
    • Opinion: Mihn, Rhunie cares for Mihn like family and a close friend. He is often found to be immune and safe from her attacks. Despite Mihn being older than her she thinks of him somewhat as a younger sibling, because of his view on the world. She hopes he becomes a great hero and makes many people happy.
    • Rating: Liked ( +72 )
  • Nephilia Frucroix
    • Opinion: Pope Nephy~! Rhunie loves this woman, she has been very kind to her. She gave her a job, and likes her cooking, and is so very polite and patient. Rhunie loves to cook for Nephilia and hopes she can do it for many years.
    • Rating: Liked ( +63 )
  • Paro
    • Opinion: She likes how tall he is and petting his ear. Like a puppy~ Has not fully made the connection that he is a werewolf.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +32 )
  • Piaras Wolfwood
    • Opinion: He is a kind person, very proper, although lately seems very down. She is unsure why, but not knowing him well chooses not to ask.
    • Rating: Neutral ( + 12 )
  • Pup
    • Opinion: A wonderful puppy whom was a gift from Geo, although he does pee on Geo a lot.
    • Rating: Loved ( +1OO )
  • Raven Camelot
    • Opinion: Raven, the gremlin… or does he fight the gremlins. Possibly negotiates with them. Rhunie see's the 'gremlins' as their relationship. After a mishap with something, Rhunie became very angry with Raven, even hateful. She attacked him out of the blue in a fit of rage. Not like she does with Geo, it had been unprovoked. Although she did feel very guilty after wards she feels they are on better terms now and hopes he feels the same. She trusts him and finds him highly amusing. He's kinda like that cool imaginary friend every girl wanted growing up. Only Raven is real.
    • Rating: Liked ( +72 )
  • Renkaru Saotome
    • Opinion: Renni~! Her good friend, whom is now deceased. She will miss him greatly.
    • Rating: Liked ( +67 )
  • Rhydian Stahl
    • Opinion: Rhunie never knew him, but he is dead so it's irrelevant now.
    • Rating: Disliked ( -74 )
  • Sai Guy
    • Opinion: Annoying reporter who Rhunie wants to fry.
    • Rating: Annoyed ( -30 )
  • Sorrow
    • Opinion: She used to hold a high respect for Sorrow. He in her mind is a strong person, both magically, physically, and mentally, plus his bunny for is too cute to resist. Now though, after his plan, Rhunie feels a strong dislike for him. She tries to remain civil none the less and just avoid being around him. Due to her kind nature.
    • Rating: Disliked ( -69 )
  • Stele Pants
    • Opinion: He is Dyson's unofficial official student in training, after watching them spar, she feels he is epic strong. Although she is confused by him always wanting money and being a penny pincher. Overall Rhunie really like him and being a Hero for Hire with him.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +32 )
  • Tahni Mayor
    • Opinion: Rhunie shares a friendship with Tahni, but prior to knowing of her and Voice's friendship. Rhunie got to cook with her, which was really fun. Rhunie does not know Tahni very well but looks forward to getting to know the woman.
    • Rating: Pleased ( +33 )
  • Vance Chevalier
    • Opinion: Voice's special guy~! He is so polite and respectful. Not bad looking, she thinks voice is a very lucky woman to have found him.
    • Rating: Neutral ( +1O )
  • Vernal Traviatta
    • Opinion: She has just met him and is going to do a trial work period with him at Hugel's Inn.
    • Rating: Neautral ( +5 )
  • Voice Kristelle
    • Opinion: Rhunie really cares for Voice, and wishes to protect her along with many others. She enjoys the quiet girls company, and wishes she could get to know her better, she finds Voice to be very kind and helpful.
    • Rating: Liked ( +57 )
  • Welkin Louis Macharius
    • Opinion: Welksy~! Rhunie loves Welks like family, sort of like a father, but at the same time like a brother, and a very close friend. She often is over excited upon seeing him due to his long absences. Although she knows little of the mans past, Rhu places great trust and faith in him. She is overjoyed with his recent appearances.
    • Rating: Loved ( +94 )

Fun Facts

  • Is Ambidextrous.
  • Thinks ghosts are bad.
  • LOVES cakes, candies, and sweets
  • Has a photographic memory.
  • Is a speed reader.
  • Learns things easily that do not involve physical activity.
  • Always gathering cooking books, kits, and ingredients.
  • Dislikes bugs of any and all types.
  • Specializes in Elemental:Fire Magic.
  • Bad habit of fiddling with jewelry or her hair when nervous.
  • Most known for her wicked temper and spell 'spazzing' at Geo.
  • Is engaged to Geo Damon
  • Is a chef for the Pope.
  • Found out from Voice, she was pregnant with twins!
  • Has disappeared.
  • No longer Pope Nepy's chef.
  • Infected with the force.
  • Is found and is brainwashed~!
  • Stabbed in the heart </3
  • Miscarried twins.
  • Suffers from hearing crazy Arunafeltz voices.
  • Got her memories back mostly, thanks to Nephilia and Voice.
  • New Heart thanks to Tahni.
  • Found a new job at Hugel Inn.
  • Is married.
  • Seen Big Brother kissing Uncle Roger.
  • Lives with Geo, in Frenris' house now.
  • Received a magical book from Fenris.
  • Got a big dosage of nasty force and negative energy.
  • Was transported to New Advent.
  • Was given pretty lolita outfit from Lycoris.
  • Is pregnant again.
  • Gave birth to twin boys, Aeden and Welkin.
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