Roku Diran
Played by Naes
Name Roku Diran
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Human
Birthdate March 27
Height 5’9”
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Dark Red
Eyes Brown
Skin tone Light tan
Occupation Royal Guard, Self-Proclaimed Hero, Odd Jobs
Favourite food Meat
Known skills He’s a very skilled fist fighter
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Prontera


Roku almost always has a huge, dumb smile on his face. His cinnamon brown eyes are wide and full of life, giving him a somewhat childish appearance. His tousled red hair is pulled messily back into a short ponytail to keep the strands out of his face.

His well-toned torso is usually bare, since he tends to feel restricted when wearing too much clothes. His forearms are adorned with steel gauntlets, which he’s learned to use in battle to deflect oncoming blades.


Roku can be described in many ways, but a few of the most common are “stupid, strange, and utterly childish.” He’s a free spirit when it comes to expressing his feelings and thoughts, but in the process he can unintentionally come off as flirtatious. Most of the time he’s happy-go-lucky and has an extremely curious nature.

Roku is easily impressed by people around him, even if the object of his fascination is something very simple. He’s aware that his actions can often make him appear dense, but he’s satisfied as long as it entertains the people around him.

Although he seems like a useless idiot, Roku is very adept in martial arts and has an exceptionally strong punch.

While he’s a generally cheerful person, once he’s angry he becomes very rash and has a hard time keeping his emotions to himself. He’ll never hurt a bystander or a friend, but he will end up taking his anger out on objects around him. He’s extremely (almost foolishly) forgiving of people, but once he forms a true grudge he won’t stop until he claims his revenge.

During a fight, he’s normally level-headed and keeps his cool. However, if he becomes too involved in the battle, his heroic disposition begins to change. He becomes crazed, and seems as though he’s fighting just for the blood. This is fortunately very rare.


Roku grew up in a small Prontera home, and trained to become a priest in the local church. He was the only child of a very religious family, hence his apprenticeship. However, he was a very rowdy youth, and was nearly banished many times for his mischief.

As he grew older, he befriended Tosha, a boy slightly older than him who was training in the knight’s guild. Roku envied his friend for years as he listened to his tales of duels and acts of heroism. Soon enough, he developed a fascination for the life of a hero, and quickly began to resent his path to priesthood.

They soon became inseparable. Every chance they got, the two boys would meet and exchange stories concerning their daily practice.

However, things gradually changed. Tosha became a darker person each passing day, developing a thirst for blood and looking for any excuse he could to slaughter criminals, no matter how slight their infraction was. He trained day and night to condition his body for killing, and soon his formerly noble air was all but lost.

Roku, seeing this drastic change, pulled away from his precious friendship when Tosha would not heed his observations. He continued with his priesthood, longing for the life that his friend once had.

Then one night, an irate Tosha appeared at his door. He began to demand the reason for his friend’s sudden distancing, and irrationally accused him of many crimes. Roku defended himself, and their discussion developed into a heated argument.

Before long, Tosha ripped his sword out of its sheath and ran it across his friend’s torso, rendering him crippled. Roku’s parents, now aware that something had gone horribly wrong, rushed to his rescue. They were slowly ripped to shreds before their child’s eyes as though Tosha were enjoying their wails of pain.

Roku was powerless to do anything against his former friend. He stared up into his crazed eyes, overwhelmed by the intense lust for blood he sensed.

“The path of a hero is a bloody one…”

Tosha whispered those words to him before driving his sword through Roku’s sternum. Blood flowed freely, and Roku felt his soul leaving his body with each passing second.

Roku’s body fell lifelessly to the ground… However, his soul was thirsting for vengeance. He couldn’t forgive his friend… He couldn’t let him go free— not for this. His soul descended into Tosha’s body, and desperately fought for control. Before long, he sealed his friend’s consciousness into the back of his mind, and looked down upon the bloody mess.

His parents were dead… He was dead.

He fled Prontera at the age of sixteen, abandoning both the church and the knight’s guild he so admired.

He traveled from city to city, struggling to keep Tosha’s consciousness under wraps. Roku remained at the brink of insanity, hearing his friend’s rage-filled obscenities in his mind.

He bore the image of his own killer, all to keep his soul in an endless prison within his own body. It was a curse—for both Roku and Tosha.

Through the years, he learned how to quell the voice in his mind, and put Tosha into dormancy. He began to see this as a unique chance to fulfill his childhood dream…

He goes on with an unwavering determination to be a true Hero of Advent.


  • Hylia Mechatine
    • On one hand, Roku is absolutely terrified of her. On the other, he finds her very intriguing. He’s already been almost killed by Hylia once by a hit in the head with her giant wrench, and thanks his “thick skull” for his survival. He’s genuinely impressed by her odd inventions, and wishes he could see more of them, as long as they’re not about to kill him.
  • Aiveen
    • Roku revealed his feelings toward Aiveen during a Hot Spring trip on Valentine's Day, and is currently in a relationship with her. He received a hat from her as a Valentine's Day gift, which he adores. He promised to take her to Jawaii someday, when he can afford it.


  • He has a strange fear of canines. While he can bear their presence if they’re not too big, he will still seem uncomfortable and eager to leave. If he finds himself in a situation where he HAS to fight a canine, he will go berserk until it’s dead.
  • He enjoys making people laugh and considers it a hobby.
  • Dislikes mirrors. It tends to remind him of whose body he's in, so he doesn't care to look at his reflection. He's gotten past the initial impulse of breaking mirrors, however.
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