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Name Ryinn Zaroff
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human
Birthdate August 30th
Height 171 cms
Weight 61 kgs
Hair Short and thick, messy like hell. Light Green with a few dark green strands scattered around
Eyes Emerald Green
Skin tone Light Tan
Occupation Outcast
Favourite food Anything he can get a hold of
Known skills Begging, Pilfery, Lone survival, Bow hunting
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Outskirts between Payon and Alberta


At the moment, Ryinn looks like a living corpse. Drained from the long trips and lack of proper feeding has pushed him to his very limits. It reflects on his complexion, he's lost a good amount of weight. Wearing what vaguely reminisces a plain cotton shirt and some pants that had better days, he resembles a true beggar. Messy and dirty hair falls on his mud covered face, covering the sparkling gem like eyes of his. His look is serious, he's seen it worse and knows his place in life - the bottom of the food chain, unlike most of the people he sees around him in the streets.


Pushed by his family's necessity, the emerald haired boy has been hammered into a low profile side character type of person. If not only for his dirty and stinky self, he'd meld with the environment around him. Once he breaks out of his shell, he'll become someone completely different. His cool demeanor and low profile is nothing but a mask. His need has brought up him to hide his true self from the world since the world is a very cruel place for someone who once was a cheerful boy.


The Zaroff family is not a very outstanding one. They live in the woods, not far from either Payon or Alberta. They had a pleasant life there getting what they needed from the forest itself and its inhabitants with little connection to the major cities, and their people. It's not that they didn't trust them, it's just that there was little they could offer to them (or at least that's what his parents always told him)

Disaster struck his household when he was around 17 years old. An illness took his parents lives. First, it was his father. One day he returned with an odd bite on his shoulder. The man was too scared to tell what had really happened. It took a couple of days for the man to die from blood loss thanks to the infection. Halfway thru his father's decay, his mother also fell ill and soon was followed by his younger sister. As he had to take on the duty of keeping wood and hunting small game, he never got close enough to be infected. The young girl only lasted a day since she fell ill, already strained from taking care of both dying adults.
Ryinn never if heard of this. He had embarked himself on a march to the closest city, a day's walk away. Even when in the city, people only asked for money and wouldn't even care to go check on his folks (who he thought were the only infected) Heartbroken at his impotence, he walked back to his home, only to find it void of any life. That day he cried until he could shed no more tears and earned that serious look of his.

After a few days of silent mourning and making preparations, the boy -now forced to mature into a man- was welcomed by a harsh world that he knew little of. It wasn't long till such an aggressive place turned him into a beggar as he lost the path that his nature-filled life that had set for him.

So far…

It's been probably a year, he couldn't care less at the moment, since he started drifting from town to town and thus learned about the world and the city and its people the hard way. He's an outcast of society that not many even if dare to spare a glance at. The kind of trash enforces of the law like to keep out of clean cities, but still manage to get overlooked as he is harmless in every way…


  • None
    • yet


  • Very unskilled as a thief, likely to get caught.
  • (Unwillingly) Looking for a tutor/patron that can see and exploit his potential.
  • His voice is low and his true nature shows up behind his grimace when he speaks.
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