Played by Ryunosuke
Name Ryunosuke
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Human
Birthdate 6/17
Height 5'7
Weight 155
Hair Long, Blue
Eyes Dark Blue
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Drifter, Odd Jobs
Favourite food Can food
Known skills Gun Kata, Snipe
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Einbroch


Ryunosuke is thin and well-built. Wearing a blue trench coat and jean, but never without his dowry hat
since he pick it up in Amatsu. He keep his hair somewhat messy but wrap it in a ponytail. On his chest is a scar.


He alway way too nice and don't hesitate to save other than himself. He tend to wander in alot of time without ever realizing where he at and where is he.
He very laid-back due to his pacfist nature. He tend to smile alot when he with other people.
There were time that the peoples he save and those he couldn't help weighted heavily on his consciousness, but he still smile under any situation. When he see a new guns, he alway buy first, ask question later.


He was born to a poor family in Einbroch. His father is the miner where he commute to Einbech to work, he have no recollection of his mother, his father told him that she die after giving birth to him. Around 10 years old, Ryunosuke alway feel trap, mindless working, blacken sky and the air polluted.
To escape the feeling, he alway visit the Gunslinger Guild, cause most of the time each gunslingers have their own stories to tell, he even suprise to hear people from beyond this city still uses swords, bows and arrows even the so-call magic. He made his decision to become a gunslinger, travel the world, see new things, the kind of life he wanted. By the time he is 17 years old, his father asked him to work as a miner, but he refused and wanted to become a gunslinger. Respecting his wishes, his father agree to let try out the gunslinger's exam, on one condition that if he should fail the exam, he must work as a miner, he agree. During the exam, his father was on his way to the mine to work, when the mine car that was transporting the miners derailed and crashes, killing 43, wounded 167.
By the time the exams were over, the news spread around and he pick up the newspaper, he see his father's names listed as dead. With no reason to keep his promise, he kept at the gunslinger's exam till he finish it around 18 years of age. On his way back from the Gunslinger's guild, he was walking back to his house untill something catches his eyes… he notice a girl surrounded by 8 peoples with katars and knifes. Knowing she needed help, he was about to draw his pistols only seeing that 5 out of 8 peoples is dead in the instant. Shocked, this was his first time seeing someone actually die in front of him, she then turn her attention to the other 3. He watch in shock that she take on her attackers without help, until he see in the dark shadow, an assasslint ready to use one of skill to attack her from behind. Without hesitation, he immediately ran in front of assasslint, took the full brute of the attack. As he about to fade into the darkness, he saw a face of the person he protected, dark long hair, cold blue eyes, before he fainted. He woke up at the medical ward of the Gunslinger's guild, clueless of how he gotten here, the doctor ask how he feel, he replies "Shit… feel like a motorcycle hit me head on…". As he was about to ask him what happen, the doctor say "Well… you're lucky your not 6 feet under otherwise that poison would have kill you and sent you to hell." Shocked by what he say, he mutter to self "poison?" The doctor replies "Yes, poison, I don't know how you got mix up with some assassin crosses there… it was a miracle you survive that poison and to boost someone left a pretty impressive bandage wrapping on ya". Looking down to his chest area, he notice the wrapping around him, looking back… he think that girl is the one that did bandage wrapping but who was she? Three months after that incident, he recovered to full health and left Einbroch and only look back once to see the place he have live cover in dark clouds all his life. During his travels, he think alot about that girl and hoping to see her again, but he think he problebly won't see her again. He countiue to walk and think to himself "wow… the world is alot bigger than i expected… o_o;;".


-Tenkai - Ryunosuke's father, he is the only living parent that he have. He supported both him and Ryunosuke after his wife pass away. Alway stern on Ryunosuke and wanted him to work with him at the mine. He die in the mine car crash.

-Mysterious Girl - A girl with dark hair and cold blue eyes, she save him from death after he save her to block a near fatal attack from the behind.


  • He against killing peoples with or without a reason.

*He have fallen head over heel for the Mysterious Girl… problem is who is she?

*He pretty much carry any firearms he find and field-striped them when he have nothing to do.

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