Sabriel Lightwing
Played by Arturia Pendragon
Name Sabriel Lightwing
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Human
Height 5'6
Weight 54 kilograms
Hair Raven/Black
Eyes Ocean Blue
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Holy Defender
Birthplace <Not known at the moment>
Quote "Saying "Good Luck" to a soldier is indirectly an insult."
Favourite food Apples!
Known skills Extreme talented swordsmanship, Lock Picking, Defending
Alignment Neutral Good
Misc. Titles "The Dark Sun".


A girl who stands in the height of 5'6, she has long raven hair reaching towards her waist, often wearing a black manteau, with a black one-piece with the skirt reaching towards the knees. On her shoulders white lies metal guards to protect her from blows, along with white metal knee greaves reaching to her knees. A simple set of clothes, with a sword made out of metal on her waist with a golden handle.


Not exactly what would you say talkative, but upon conversation, she shoots straight upon what she is thinking in a friendly way, although she has problems expressing her emotions fully. Otherwise, the young girl is really calm and relaxed, and her duty towards protecting comes first before herself. She isn't the kind to take favors for free without payment either, unless the person really insisted, and also the kind to do favors without any other repayment.

In battle, she tends to do her best to discard her emotions of pity to not go easy on her opponent, and so that she could fight him or her in the fullest. Also, she isn't the kind of person who is interested in love, so don't expect her to do anything like "Fall in love in first sight".


Not much is known about her, although she is clearly known as a wandering adventurer, searching for a certain purpose in life, but doesn't really talk much about it. The only thing that she wants currently is to be able to reduce, if not, eliminate people who picks on those weaker than them.

<AKA: The Author currently doesn't want to reveal her past just yet! >w</ >


  • Rhisiart Blodwin: A former partner during her training as a Crusader.
  • Asurakumi Sky: Friend of Rhisiart, Sky has the habit of confronting her problems as well as his teammates.


  • Sabriel is usually called "Sabby" by some people.
  • Her sword is channeled based on her willpower. If her willpower is strong, it's blade becomes sharper, and likewise, if it's weak, the blade becomes blunt.
  • Although she looks calm and collective, she can be a bit sneaky at times…~
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