Played by Joel (JoJo)
Name Sai Guy
Gender Male
Age 23
Race Human
Birthdate 11th of March
Height 178 cm
Weight 69 kg
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation News Reporter/ Investigator
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Lighthalzen


A classy looking man who wears a yellow striped suit. Sometimes wears a black jacket over the suit if he's on a stealth mission.


Sai is your typical reporter who simply reports what he wants without realizing the consequences of his actions, nor does he really care when he's hell bent on revenge. Perhaps there is some good to him, but for now he's looking out for himself and if there's an opportunity he takes it. It's hard to see where his loyalties are and as such what his next move will be.


Sai was hanging out in Payon to interview people about the recent war with Aruni when he decided to eat out. There he had his first run in with Kung Pao who held up service and made customers, especially Sai, angry when they didn't get their food. Sai has not yet forgiven the fat ninja and has decided to use his self-fiunded newspaper as a slander campaign against Pao and the Heroes for Hire guild whom he believes are all a bunch of nobodies full of fake promises - as he tries to expose them.


  • Kung Pao
    • "My sworn enemy. A true menace to society."
  • Mihn
    • "Don't have much on him yet…"
  • Steel Pants
    • "Sources say he's greedy and threw food at a blind girl."
  • Rhunie
    • "Hot tempered and threatened to fry me. She's next on my list."
  • Voice
    • "My source for Issue II. She seems to have some kind of interesting history between her and brother… perhaps it will make for an interesting story."
  • Void
    • "My current employer. I offered my investigative skills to find his sister, Voice. I'm just in it for the money, no hard feelings. Nor am I sure I'll even turn her in, I'm more interested in why he's desperate to find her."


1. Writes the Sai-Den times ((Found on the forums)) which is distributed in Shy-Den, Prontera and Payon for now.
2. Accepted payment from Void to find Voice.

Recent Development

  • Searching for Voice's whereabouts.
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