Siegfried Forte
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Siegfried Forte
Gender Male
Age 33, appears early 20s
Race Human
Birthdate March 4
Height 6'0"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Blonde
Eyes Dark Blue
Skin tone Light
Occupation Pirate Captain, Musician, Performer
Favourite food Scallops
Known skills Musician, Moderate in Balance Magic, Very good marksman
Birthplace At Sea


Siegfried is always carrying around some sort of instrument and seems to have an average build for his height. He has various scars on his torso from combat with other pirates that he keeps covered with expensive looking clothing.


Siegfried is very light hearted with most of what he does and seems somewhat kind, carries on being a pirate for the excitement alone.



After having been stranded on a deserted island out as sea and having his ship stolen by the pirate William Boar who would go on to falsely claim to be the captain of the Invulnerable, Siegfried would soon find himself rescued by a passing ship. Upon being rescued he discovered the ship to belong to the Cirque de Maudit. He would work with the Cirque while making friends with several of the Poppets that the Madame in charge of the circus had created.

When the circus was disbanded, Siegfried discovered his ship was once again docked in Shyden, he snuck aboard into the Captain's Quarters waiting for Boar to return. When Boar returned it was late and he found himself face to face with Siegfried pointing a gun at him. After a short negotiation Siegfried decided with a gutsy move to spare. Captain Siegfried once again needing a full crew to sail his ship.




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