Played by Rae2
Name Sirin
Alias Crow
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5' 8''
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Pale
Occupation Assassin
Favourite food Food is fuel, nothing else.
Known skills Martial arts, proficient with katars, daggers, shortswords, poison and traps.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Lighthalzen


Sirin, more commonly known as Crow, is a young human woman, in her early twenties. She's tall and wiry, seeming almost fragile, but she moves quite gracefully- every movement has a reason, every step seems almost choreographed. Tumbling down her shoulders is long, curly black hair which she keeps clean and neat. Her icy blue eyes are more often than not distant, looking through people to her surroundings instead of making real eye contact.

There is a scar across her face, crossing the bridge of her nose and ending up near her eye.


Crow is best described as disconnected. She rarely shows any emotion, seeming almost constantly bored. She rarely speaks, and prefers not to talk about herself. When she does speak, it's always rather pointedly, not wasting any time on meaningless details or formalities.


  • Sirin can snap when provoked or thoroughly injured, tending to go batshit insane. She'll tend to fight in this state until she can't any longer- attempting to kill anything in arm's reach with no regard for her own life. In this state she'll fight until she's knocked out or killed, or until there's nothing left to fight.
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