Played by Cross
Name Rhydian Stahl
Known as Sorrow
Gender Male
Age 679
Race Wraith; Soulless mind inhabiting a decoy body resembling his own
Birthdate June 6th 7411
Height 6'2''
Weight 167 lbs.
Hair Neon blue
Eyes Violet
Skin tone Very slightly tanned
Occupation The Fleshcrafter; Creates undead constructs for use of Niflheim's private army
Favourite food Pizza
Known skills Shapeshifting; Necromancy; Armsmanship; Elemental magic
Alignment Chaotic Good
Birthplace Izlude


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Unhinged, messed up, quirky and reckless, Sorrow enjoys chaos, causing it as much as savoring it. Although most people are either already used to his shenanigans or unphased towards them, he always finds new ways to shock and appaul. Nevertheless, he has a more serious side which he seldom shows, caracterized by his competence in his job and in combat. He has a burning hatred for people who dismiss him or treat him as a harmless person.


A young-looking wraith with eerie powers. His lax personality and odd attitudes are quite a spectacle.


  • Is effectively immortal, with a twist.
  • Favors his bunny form because it lowers people's defenses towards him.
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