Steel Pants
Played by Steel Pants
Name Stele Adolynn Pants
Gender Manly man
Age 24
Race Human
Birthdate 19. September
Height 5'9" / 175 cm
Weight 81 kg / 178.5 pounds
Hair Sheet white
Eyes Very bright blue
Skin tone Average
Occupation Broke monk in training
Favourite food Free food
Known skills A tiny bit of smithing
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Hugel


Lean and muscular, a bit broad-shouldered for his frame, he also has several scars around, most noticeably one right above his left eye.
He could have been a pretty handsome man if it weren't for the fact that his hard life being poor and broke most of the time left him to look so worn out.
He looks older than he is, and his life has made his looks a lot rougher, he's unshaved but barely has body hair growth other than on the head.
His eyes are particularly bright more white than blue. His knuckles and legs almost always look beaten up and bloodied due to his rigorous body-hardening training.
His clothing is dirty, torn and looks very worn out. Because of his constant training and the fact that he washes only on rare occasions leave him to smell a bit.


Money is his primary concern at the moment, that and his upbringing makes him very focused on the real gains of any given situation.
He is a materialist and a realist, he tries to use his logic more than his optimism to assess things. And although he has lead a very depressed
and stressed life (and still is to a degree) he has climbed the challenge of overcoming hardships, he has learned to never get seriously
depressed over things, though he does get emotional like any other person given the right circumstances.
He has become pretty resourceful and creative as a result of having a very limited life and having to look very hard to just fill his daily needs.
When a job comes along that makes or even just maybe makes money he's on it with his whole self, bending and filling positions as needed,
all to achieve the goal of finishing the job and getting the reward for it.

He might at times come across as rude because he's learned to accept bad things in life. "Making fun" of people for their disabilites or special
traits comes as another natural part of his view of dealing with the situation as it is, as a result he often joke around with people and himself
with little hesitation, but he never means any harm, in fact he only pokes fun of people he would call friends.
This however is something he's trying to change in order to become more polite.

Other than that he's very straight-forward with things and an honest person, he's very loyal and he always helps his friends out or anyone
in dire need because he's learned that making close friends that help each other can be of immeasurable value in life.


Born in a poor neighborhood to a large working class family of Tailors (the Pants family!), his childhood was very busy. Being one of the older siblings
he always had more chores than playtime, and from the age of 11 he had to help out the local business in addition. When he was 14 things had gottenn
so bad the family couldn't stay together anymore and he had to take to the streets in order to survive, this was a horrible period of immense hardship for
him and he dreamed of getting a job so he could support the family more.

After living like a rat on the streets for 4 years, only having small periods where he got assistant jobs he finally got hired by a local Alchemist as an errand boy.
A job he worked his ass off to do as best he could. He sent most of the money he was paid to his starving family and kept living dirt poor himself, stills
scavenging trash cans after work hours for food and things like that. In this 5 year period of employ he became close friends with the alchemist and they
worked together on projects more and more, although in actuality this meant more work (and money) for Stele as he got ordered to go gather special
ingredients here and there.

The Alchemist, Zilas Altherion Cumberdale, had long been working on a de-zombiefying potion that he had spent years in development to create. He had over the
past fem years managed to procude at high costs all the right ingredients and he had just made a major breakthrough on his Prototype. This breakthrough was
a turning point in the progress on the potion and Zilas found it to be time to celebrate. Being the nerd he was he arranged a big drinking party where he could
only invite his assistant Stele. And after a few drinks too much Stele ended up drinking the potion by accident. After that the alchemist exploded and Stele was
immediately fired and had to return to his poor life again. Upon hearing that he would be charged with the replacement costs of the potion he fled the place to Shyden.

After much legal processing and time to track Stele down, he finally got a paper that said he owed Zilas 7 million zeny in replacement fees for the lost time and work
on the potion as well as for the costs of the ingredients. This was his lowest low in his entire life and it was right at this moment the church took him in, this gave
him new hope and inspiration to live and improve himself physically and mentally, this gave him more purpose in life, he felt a calling.


  • Mihn
    • "Damn this guy seems to have his pockets full of gold by the manner he's giving riches away to me. He's a good friend and a downright cheerful fellow, seems a bit odd how he can get depressed over himself though."
  • Kung Pao
    • "Now here's a guy who's just fat and happy. Nothing bad said of him though, he's a good guy and and he probably would never betray his friends. He seems to be quite ambitious."
  • Dyson
    • "He's my senior in the arts of physical combat and I can learn a lot from him. He seems to have more experience in life than me"
  • Rhunie
    • "She's just a regular sweet little girl who likes to cook, but man can she blow off some steam with her magic at times! Downright scary you ask me.."
  • Geo Damon
    • "He seems like a spirited enough young swordsman, who enjoys life as you should. Maybe he needs to take Rhunie more seriously though.."
  • Nephilia Frucroix
    • "This is the head of the Church and the top authority, I must heed her word no matter what, and serve her with dedication and faith."
  • Voice Kristelle
    • "Damn this girl! She seems like a good person all along but what the hell's up with her involvement in witchcraft!?! What the hell am I gonna do about this! I can't root her out cause she's my friend and all, and I definitely can't say nothing about her behaviour to the others! But still, she seems like she's a nice person so why'd she even be into that witch business in the first place! Agh this is damn frustrating."


  • He's extremely tough and can endure a lot of punishment, he favors an apporach to strength and toughness over speed and finesse when it comes to combat, though he tries to balance this out.
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