Tahni Mayor
Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Tahni Mayor
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Birthdate 1st May
Height 5"8'
Weight 60kg
Hair Jet Black
Eyes Emerald Green
Skin tone Caucasian
Occupation Librarian in Prontera, Geffen Well Guardian (Temporary)
Favourite food Anything home-made
Known skills Witchcraft (Herbology, Tarot Cards, Elemental Spells, Pendulum)
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Heidelberg


Tahni is a woman of average size and blessed with curves, however she tends to apply her femininity with simple country dresses and anything that a countrygirl would typically wear. She is also often seen in an old patched white cloak with a mismatching black hood.


Tahni is a rather strange woman; she is cold and distant from strangers (especially Church folks) however she'd help a poor soul in need. If someone of her own belief needs a hand, she'll be there all the way. She has a very sarcastic polite sense of humor as well, keeping calm and composed all the time even if she gets heavy insults. This does not mean she doesn't have a breaking point…it's just her fuse is very strong. She also has a passion of making rich people crawl in their own insults and mockeries, as she views that all people are on the same level, equals.


Tahni was born to a family of farmers with Triantistic faith, who lived in the southern part of Heidelberg for agricultural reasons. She lived up her first few years rather peacefully with her mother and father, aiding in their chores like the good child she was. Such a simple life however was short lived, as her mother and father were starting to get labeled as witches.

This happened because of two reasons; they lived in the southern area which was known to be where the witches live. The local priests started to suspect them greatly as to why they couldn't just live up with the rest if they were really Triantists. Another reason of such a bad reputation is because their fruits and vegetables were considered as the best throughout the town and they turned out to be "too perfect" in eyes of the jealous and the envious.

In the next two years her family started to get persecuted and jabbed at, blaming them on the crime of "witchcraft". One night, when the village turned onto the southern area to burn out the witches from the village, Tahni's mother quickly handed over her daughter to her neighbor, whose name was Emelia, so that they could flee and spare her daughter's life. While the Emelia and Tahni fled successfully in the wilds, her parents were caught and burned to the stake one week later.

For the next 10 years, Tahni spent her life traveling around with Emelia to dodge any bad reputations and accusations. This is where Tahni was introduced to witchcraft and practiced it with Emelia on a daily basis, learning that Witchcraft wasn't how the Church portrayed it at all. As soon as she turned 16 and Emelia's death took place, Tahni moved back in Heidelberg's southern area to live alone, go back to her roots and to study her arts better in a secretive manner. Strangely enough they weren't as much hunted down as they used to be, however discrimination and fear still ran strong throughout the village…


After a lot of trials and tribulations, Tahni managed to get the peaceful sheltered life she always wanted with a man that she never expected to end up with. She got her Elemental Gem lifted by Moonstone and moved into a farmhouse in Avrasgard. From there onwards she lived a life as a normal woman, marrying and grow old with Void Kristelle.

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