Played by GameGeeks
Name Talin
Gender Male
Age 26
Race Human
Birth Date March 26th
Height 5'9"
Weight 156lbs
Hair Short, Red
Eyes Dark Blue
Skin tone Caucasian
Occupation Wanderer
Favorite food Fried Rice
Known skills Swordplay and Battle Tactics
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Prontera




Solitary, prefers to keep to himself but will work with others if he thinks it'll help him find the answers he seeks.


Thinking back on that day I can't help but think of what a fool I was. I never should have taken up Knight Hood. But the day I passed the final test was one of the happiest days of my life. Or so I thought then and for many years after. I was sixteen. Young for a knight but I was skilled with a blade and fought for what I thought was right and my beloved. I would have done anything for her just to see her smile. We planned to get married after I became a knight and we did two weeks later. As far as I was concerned I had it all. I couldn't have asked for more. I lived quite happily with her for about three years. Then my beloved was snatched from my home while I was away taking care of matters in Payon. I hunted for news of who took her and all attempts fell for naught. Unable to control my grief I left the order and took to wandering after the order refused to lend me aid on what they called a wild goose chase. At the time I did not blame them but as time passed I grew to hate them for that very decision. I never returned to Prontera.

Three years passed and I still could not find her. Then one day I ran into the man who had stolen my beloved though I didn't know it then. For a time we became companions. Traveling together where ever our feet would take us. Why I traveled with him after all the time I spent alone? I do not know. But as we traveled we talked. He was quite persuasive. He talked about things like how honor is a tool used to control the masses. I told him about what had happened to my beloved. He used this to fuel his point of view. I found myself listening more and more as time passed. Eventually I removed the knight armor which I had worn for the past six years. It had become worn and rusted. I discarded it. I had come to think much like my companion and held a great detest for what it represented. Another year passed and still we traveled together. Then one day in an open field he told me something that shattered the last ray of light within me. "I took your beloved. I took her and killed her." Looking at his face I knew he told the truth. I drew my sword and he drew his. We fought with neither giving way. Reckless and willing to do anything it took to kill the man I had just moments ago considered a friend. I rushed him and felt his blade pierce my shoulder. I brought mine down and plunged it into his chest and released my grip on the blade and let it fall with him to the ground. I left it there, protruding from his chest.

Two years passed. I spent the time in solitude. No longer caring about anything. Then one day I began to think about the world and how utterly chaotic it was. Though I no longer had a love of order I still held no love for chaos. I no longer knew where I stood in the world. I decided to find out. I traveled to the nearest blacksmith and had him create a new set of armor that was much darker the then the my knight armor of old. To pay for it I worked around his house doing what ever he asked for the next three months. I spoke to him only when I absolutely had to. He didn't seem to mind though since he seemed to like to keep to himself. When it came time for me to leave I donned the new armor and he presented me with as sword that resembled the armor. I thanked him. Since leaving him I have been wandering searching for my place in the world. If there even is a place for someone like me.


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