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Name Talos
Gender Male
Age 18
Race Human
Birthdate February 21
Height 5' 6"
Weight 153 Ilbs.
Hair Orange
Eyes Orange
Skin tone Light Brown
Occupation Mercenary for Professional Soldier
Favourite food Anything that tastes good
Known skills Assassination and Brawling. Does a bit of magic.
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Amatsu, grew up in Geffen and Prontera


Wears Champions clothes, always seen wearing a blinder but takes it off at times. Wears an earring on the right ear.


Acts on his own judgment. Prefers to act on his feelings rather than thinking things through. Very stubborn and prefers to do things his way. Acts childish on rare occasion's.


Talos was born in Amatsu but was left by his parents in the Prontera orphanage. Friends and family never knew the reason why his parents left him there. Spent most of his childhood life in the orphanage until one day he left and wandered aimlessly until he found his way to Geffen. He was brought in the the magic academy and was taught the ways of magic. Talos was very adept at using magic and so became a Wizard in a very short span of time. After discovering that he was losing control of his magic Talos joined the Assassin's guild to better improve his physical strength. Seeing that being an Assassin started to make him doubt himself and soon left the guild to train with Monks.


  • Ripper Gore

The most weirdest friend Talos has. They were cellmates in prison before.

  • Elsrea Massenbach

Talos' ex wife.

  • Kirada

A good friend and someone Talos can depend on.

  • Fenris

Fenris is someone Talos finds very interesting. Currently his girl.

  • Desmund

One of Talos' best friends. They have fought together alot.

  • Manic

Talos' second best friend. Talos learned a few things from Manic. They have fought together many times.

  • Lukiv

The person who recruited Talos into Professional Soldier. Hopes to learn alot from Lukiv in ways of fighting.


  • Loves to seek out adventure and excitement.
  • Loves to fight a lot.

*A very big thank you to Naes for making the drawing of Talos.

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