Torbjorn Torvent
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Torbjorn Torvent
Gender Male
Age 49
Race Human
Birthdate November 18
Height 5' 11"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Dark Green
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Tan
Occupation General of the Schwartzwald Republic Armed Forces
Favourite food Blueberry Cobbler
Known skills Expert in firearms, Expert with a blade
Alignment Lawful-Good
Birthplace Yuno


Torbjorn has a muscular build. His face is always clean shaven and tends not to betray his age causing him to look as though he could be in his mid to late thirties. When in public he can usually be seen with his uniform which is adorned for medals for all sorts of honors and his special regulation hat adorned with the seal of the Schwartzwald Republic in gold.

His body when not in uniform is adorned with several battle scars. Most notable are a bullet scar on his left shoulder and a long scar running down the right side of his chest obtained from a blade.


Generally light hearted but extremely loyal to his country and his family. Not above showing mercy to the enemy in battle. Not fond of criminals or ex-criminals, if he knows this is the case he will be distrusting. He believes in honesty and integrity and relaxing to enjoy oneself every once and in a while.


Torbjorn grew up the son of a soldier. He had in him distilled the values of fighting for one's own country. His father died in war when he was only 12. At this time he began going to a military academy where he was taught how to use a blade. At 17 he joined the military officially and met his current wife Katarina, not much later they were married. At 18 Torbjorns first son Gerfried was born, his appearance seemed to take after the mother more. By 20 his wife gave birth to another son. Not much later Torbjorns third child, a daughter, was born.
Over the years to come it always seemed like Torbjorn was in constant danger. He fought in nearly every military action the Schwartzvald Military had be it just minor skirmishes or war quickly rising in rank.

-In Progress.-


  • Katarina Torvent (Wife)
    • Gerfried Torvent (Son)
    • Torsten Torvent (Son)


  • Holds an Honorary Doctorate for Political Science
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