Played by Naes
Name Touki
Gender Female
Age 22
Race Human
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5’5”
Weight 120
Hair Long, black
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Bounty hunter, Assassin
Favourite food Pastries
Known skills Making poisons and antidotes. Good at sneaking.
Birthplace Unknown


Touki is a woman with a very sturdy physique and well-toned muscles in her arms and legs. She stands with a strange sense of arrogance, and her head is normally tilted slightly back to give herself an air of superiority. Her long, black hair frames her soft jaw line, greatly contrasting her pale skin. Her dark blue eyes have a sharp edge to them, giving her a stern disposition.


Touki is a very cold individual with a sharp tongue. She comes off as very arrogant and a somewhat shifty character, rendering her generally hard to like. She’s somewhat competitive, and is quick to lose her temper if provoked.

On the flipside of her menacing exterior, she can be naïve at times, especially concerning things sexual or complex in nature. She will generally take jokes seriously, and has a hard time comprehending what sarcasm is. She has a fascination for children’s toys, and once she finds something that strikes her fancy she becomes obsessive over it for a short while.

Despite her harsh attitude and bitter mannerisms, Touki will lend a helping hand when it’s needed—IF it suits her.


Touki was born in a breeding camp for the world’s most skilled assassins and warriors, though few will ever live to utilize their training in the outside world. In an effort to construct the perfect soldier, the leaders drug many of the inhabitants as a sort of experiment, though they have been unsuccessful. The children are often brainwashed if they show any sign of resistance or attachment to any particular thing, and go on seeming lifeless, while learning how to kill effectively.

When a child is trained enough and has enough skill, they are sold or hired out to anyone who is willing to pay the price, be it an individual, a group, or an empire. They are normally hired out in squadrons, comprising of one experienced captain and up to eight subordinates.

Touki was a particularly promising warrior, but her bond with her twin brother kept her from reaching her potential. His protective nature shielded her from many of the hardships the first few years. The leaders eventually decided to brainwash him, and place a powerful suggestion on his mind that the siblings were enemies.

Seeking a way to “heal” her brother’s mind, Touki fled the facility at the age of nine with the help of her soon-to-be captain. The leaders, feeling threatened and angry that a child with potential had escaped, sent squadrons to hunt her down. Touki continued to run, fight, and kill, while learning to live life out in the world. Through the years of surviving as a hired killer and a bounty hunter, she’d long forgotten what had driven her out of her childhood in the facility, and only remembers her brother’s betrayal. Now thirteen years after her departure, she currently lives under the radar, and is thought to be dead by her former “home”.


  • None worth mentioning.


  • She has a soft spot for children.
  • Prefers to dual-wield weapons.
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