Played by Codylycan
Name Undyn
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Human
Birthdate March 12
Height 6'0"
Weight 210
Hair Shaggy Green
Eyes Blue
Skin tone Tan
Occupation Royal Guard Prontera
Favourite food Mellon
Known skills Swordsmanship
Alignment Good
Birthplace Prontera


Undyn stands tall and strong. His body is fit from all his training as a soilder. He usually wears his old family armor, due to the fact he has no money to buy any new armor. His hair is usually kept and clean, pulled back into a single small ponytail. He always has a serious expression on during work, but when around friends and family that rock expression softens to a gentle smile.


Undyn was brought up in a serious but loving home. Due to this his personality is also serious, but kind. While on duty Undyn is the pictire perfect solider. He follows orders to the dot, with little to no hesitation. He tries to keep himself orderly, and clean. When outside his job Undyn is a very loyal, funny, and nice guy to be around. He has the air of a man who you could trust no matter what.




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