Vance Chevalier
Played by Falkon Vind
Name Vance Chevalier
Gender Male
Age 27
Race Human
Birthdate June 16
Height 183cm
Weight 84 kg
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Inquisitor
Favourite food Shepherds Pie
Known skills Holy magic, sword and shield skills
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Prontera


Dresses in white armor with gold trimming usually without a helmet, his hair is usually trimmed to about two inches above his shoulders. No visible facial scars.


Tries to remain cheery unless he is put in a place that is completely out of his element such as stuck in Niflheim or dealing with enemies of the church and criminals.


Vance Chevalier was born in the city of Prontera to a father who was a knight from Prontera and a member of the Noble house Chevalier of which comes a long line of knights, and his mother who was but a Librarian from Yuno viewed by some as a commoner. As their professions were busy ones his parents were usually busy with their own matters and sent Chevalier to be educated and trained by the church. It was at the church Chevalier began to become what he is today. He was always a smart lad who excelled in his studies, so much so that he began to courier messages for both the Pronteran Church and the Pronteran Chivalry for pocket money in addition to having time to train his swordplay so that he may one day become a knight.

Though it was not all easy, many of the other native Pronterans who trained with him were of noble blood and scorned Vance because of his 'impure' lineage. In general Vance ignored the others taking to heart his parents words on many matters when they were actually around.

By the time Vance was 17 he was fully qualified to be a knight. He continued his job as a courier mostly eventually, some years later, deciding to use his sword to serve the church. He became a guard for the church and several months later was promoted to the rank of Inquisitor - though some would say he is too 'soft' for this position even though at times he tries to act serious.

Lately, Vance has fallen for a young witch, who assaulted him, in Payon, by the name of Voice Kristelle. He has vowed to protect Voice from her adoptive father Vigon Kristelle, who he had often delivered messages to, and his son Void Kristelle who was one of those who insulted him in his training days.


  • Nephilia Frucroix - His 'boss', the pope. He doesn't personally know much about her other than she isn't one for formal greetings and fancy titles.
  • Mihn and Kung Pao - Two 'heroes' that Vance told he would help, and will help if they ever request his assistance.
  • Voice Kristelle - A young witch who Vance met in Payon. She ended up assaulting him in an alley way, Vance not fighting back. He was quick to forgive and he seems to enjoy conversing with her.


  • Seems more interested in following a code of chivalry than enforcing his position as an Inquisitor.
  • When he casts holy magic, seems to be in physical pain for most spells with the exception of heal spells.
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