Vega Stathis
Played by hulttiems
Name Vega Stathis
Gender Male
Age 22
Race Human
Birthdate November 5
Height 5'6"
Weight 173lbs
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Yellow
Skin tone Fair
Occupation Mercenary
Favourite food Bitter Tea
Known skills Custom Swordfighting
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Lighthalzen


Medium length dark blue hair, yellow eyes, wears a modified dark blue trench coat with a washed out gold collar, and washed out overlaying diamond pattern on the sleeves. Wears a black tanktop underneath jeans, and heavy boots. Has a very intricate and elaborate diamond tattoo on his left arm.


Very modest at times, will do anything just for the goodness out of his heart.


Involved with a shady past that's behind him now he tries to get away from his feelings by taking his mind off of things with random jobs he takes up. He also uses this as a coping method to help ease over a lost love which lead to his retirement.

A firm believer in Karma, he wants to right his past with good deeds, to at least let his past love's soul rest in ease.


  • Kirada
    • Originally took up a job to help her around the house, free of charge with three kids, ended up having a more intimate relationship with her.
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