Vigon Kristelle
Played by Audrey-Tifa
Name Vigon Kristelle
Gender Male
Age 55
Race Human
Birthdate 4th March
Height 6"5'
Weight 75kg
Hair Salt and Pepper
Eyes Green
Skin tone Caucasian
Occupation Ex-Inquisitor, Master Knight
Favourite food Grilled Steak
Known skills Master in Swordsmastery
Alignment Lawful Evil
Birthplace Prontera


Vigon is a very well-built man and pride shines through each and every pore of his body. He wears an intimidating armor with dark pink royal robes that fits with the armor in a strangely good way. His face is also half burned with an eyepatch on the burned side, however he still keeps his looks and hygene at its best despite of being quite hideous today.


Vigon is a bastard through and through; he's cold, he's a sadist and doesn't stop at anything to achieve his goals. He is too proud to accept anything that is out from his code book. He is a very selfish man who does things for himself rather than for the good of his family, friends or comerades: he wouldn't really mind sacrificing his low-class soldiers in order to obtain something. He is also very vain himself; despite of his handsome looks being marred by the fires of Prontera that occurred not too long ago, he still keeps up his appearances pretty well and doesn't ask for help.


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  • Anna Kristelle (deceased)
    • Vigon's last wife; forced to marry her out of an arranged marriage, Vigon loved her partially at first however he lost the little love he had after a few years. He started to cheat on her in secret so that the family name won't go marred. After she died Vigon was left with a lightly bitter taste, as if he's missing something that was an eyesore for quite a while but misses it after it's gone.
  • Voice Kristelle
    • Vigon hates her down to the core, having adopting her only because Anna wanted to and started to be very pushy about it. He and Anna then grew colder as time went by, as if she was a toy that they started to get sick of. Vigon pulled out her eyes for studying witchcraft and is not seeking for her to kill her for killing his wife and, most important of all, trying to hurt himself.
  • Void Kristelle
    • Vigon's pride and joy, however he doesn't love him. He's very distant from him like he is on top and Void is at his feet, taking down to him and giving him chores that Vigon does not want to do. He is also keeping Void on strings too, manipulating him so that he'd get what he wants.
  • Cardinal Amsudias Judei
    • Vigon's best friend, he is on very good contact with this person. However Vigon, like everyone else that is friends with him, uses him for his own purpose.
  • Vance Chevalier
    • Despises the person, seeing him as a lowlife and a low-born. He thinks that the person did not deserve the title of Inquisitor.
  • Pope Nephilie Frucroix
    • The hate for this person is infinite and unexplainable.


  • Can't walk well on his right leg
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