Voice Kristelle

"Laugh and play as if nobody can take your happiness away."

Played by Denny(DenDen)
Name Voice Kristelle
Gender Female
Age 20
Race Human
Birthdate 6th of November
Height 162cm
Weight 47kg
Hair Chestnut brown
Eyes Dark brown
Skin tone Peachy
Occupation Currently works at a restaurant in Amatsu
Favourite food Blue Berries, Apple pie
Known skills Advanced soul linker skills
Alignment True Neutral
Birthplace Heidelberg most likely


Voice appears fragile and distant. There is always a blindfold hiding the scars on her missing eyes. She usually wears a simple white dress. Her voice is quiet and calm and combined along with her graceful manners, it makes her appear like a noble.


Very withdrawn. She used to be warm, curious and inspired to become a pianist. After losing her eyesight, she closed herself to the world and became consumed by mostly negative thoughts, angst, anger towards the church and the world. This side of her tends to be stronger and overshadow any good qualities. It can reach a level where she is capable of committing a homicide in spark of a blind rage.
The years spend in darkness greatly reduced her social contacts and skills. Because of that she feels awkward or nervous among people, yet she longs to feel part of a group or part of a conversation. Naturally she finds it hard to fit in.

At times she acts clingy and tries to keep somebody`s attention on her as long as possible. She finds herself boring, annoying, useless and tends to feel guilty when somebody spends time with her even if she enjoys it.

And lastly … she is quite the kid at heart who never really lived her childhood right. If given the chance she`ll play with dolls, dance through fields of flowers, sing kiddie songs, eat candy all day, tickle people, tell them scary stories, play pranks and so on. Hopefully she`ll be showing that side of her more now that she recovered her eyesight.


Born by a lone gypsy woman, Voice was taught the witchcraft until her 8th birthday. Unfortunately her mother was slain during the witch hunts in the Heidelberg area. Voice was brought to Prontera and adopted by the Kristelle family. Her adoptive father (Vigon Kristelle) was an inquisitor at the time and Voice had to constantly hide her interest in the occult magic. She had several hand made books left from her mother which she would secretly read. Unfortunately when Voice was at age of 15, her adoptive father found the books. In his rage he burned her eyes. Result of that in the next five years, she only collected hatred and anger towards the inquisitors and the church. When Amdis attacked Prontera, Voice was able to escape the house first and successfully lock it, leaving her adoptive parents burn there.

Even though Voice had lost her eyesight, she could still "see" the souls of the people around her. That way she was aware when a living being is around her but couldn`t tell who it is. Lastly, Voice learned some soul spells back when she was teenager and trying to desperately connect with her mother`s spirit. Currently, she is quite capable soul linker.


Stayed in Prontera selling flowers through the streets occasionally bothering Vance while on his job much to his dismay (or joy). Her playful character collected the sight of many young men but she said "yes" to none, staying loyal to her heart and her heart`s choice.

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