Void Kristelle

"Gave daddy the middle finger,saved the day, stole the gold, got the girl."

Played by Denny(DenDen)
Name Void Kristelle
Gender Male
Age 30
Race Human
Birthdate 13th of December
Height 188cm
Weight 82kg
Hair Dirty Blond
Eyes Green
Skin tone Pale
Occupation Knight at the Prontera Chivalry
Favourite food Immortal Stew
Known skills Arrogance lvl 10
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Prontera


He usually wears a black robe adorned with gold over his always clean silver armour. A smirk often appears across his face as he speaks with his usual calm silky voice. He tends to add dramatic gestures when he mocks people.


Arrogant and snobbish, he will use any chance to point where the line between nobles and commoners draws. He looks down at different races and thinks they should keep to their own domains instead of polluting Rune Midgard with their different religion, habits, traditions and the like. He is conservative much like his father. Ranks, titles and family names are of importance to him and he looks down at any who don`t have the right origin. He doesn`t hold his tongue nor he would rain compliments just to make his situation better (that is unless the compliments are meant as sarcasm) and thus he usually ends up just saying exactly what he thinks.

Despite being greatly influenced by his father`s views, Void has quite a bit of knightly honor in himself. He won`t refuse a duel nor he`ll try to cheat during one. He values the old traditions and family duty and yet most of the time he appears like lazybones who lacks the sadistic side, which in contrast is quite obvious in his father`s attitude.


Void is the only biological son of Vigon and Anna. As such he was brought up with much care but also discipline. Naturally his father was rising him to become future inquisitor and take after his rank. It is no surprise he grew up to be pretty much the spitting image of his father now.
Void left Rune Midgard at age of 20 and went on a journey to train and see the world. Where he was and what he was doing is unknown. Eventually he returned about 10 years later.


Void continued to work as a guard in Prontera. He was often seen dueling Vance in his spare time or just about anybody who had the guts to challenge him. Even though his attitude softened, his sharp tongue managed to bring him in a couple of tavern fights much to Tahni`s dismay.
Eventually he bought a small farm in Avrasgard where he moved to live with Tahni. He enjoyed a long passionate life with his beloved.

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