Vrourag Kiburgen

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Played by Behemoth(umitora)
Name Vrourag Kiburgen
Gender Male
Age 35
Race Orc (Cultured)
Birthdate October 16
Height 7' 5''
Weight 200lbs(roughly?)
Hair Dark Hazelnut
Eyes Red
Skin tone Dark Forest Green
Occupation Ranger/Woodsman
Favourite food None atm
Known skills Hunting, Tracking, Blending with the forest.
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Payon Forest


Tall muscular Cultured Orc. Always carries arrows and a bow and is often seen wearing leathers of animals and or leafs to blend in with the wilderness. He has horns about 3 inches curved upward but no tusks like the Primal orcs. He has Red Irises. He often smells of plant life which isn't always a bad thing, but does bathe regularly. He also has a very deep orcish voice. Also wears orcish like tattoo's over his face and body. His ears are curved/pointed like Primal Orcs.(human sized pointed ears, not like long elven pointed ears.) He has long side burns that have leather bindings wrapping them up at the ends, and his hair pulled back into a pony tail.


Very too himself, and always seems to be looking around, if you are looking at him chances are he's staring right back.


He grew up in Payon forest often trading with those in Payon and Alberta.He would protecting caravans traveling to and from there and also Prontera on occasions.


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