Welkin Macharius

"Yo mate, how's it been?"

Played by Fenris/wimerker
Name Welkin Louis Macharius
Gender Male
Age Early/Mid Thirties
Race Human
Birthdate April 4th
Height 6'1"
Weight 190 Lbs
Hair Red
Eyes Black
Skin tone Tanned slightly, but otherwise white
Occupation Second Lieutenant of the second platoon, first squad, for the 401st Einbroch Rifles, self-proclaimed writer and book reviewer
Favourite food Cold food, like ice cream
Known skills Decent marksmanship, some first aid, (self proclaimed) war veteran
Alignment Lawful good
Birthplace Assumed to be Einbroch


Wears the standard Einbroch guard style clothing, only more militarized with knee pads, thicker chest armor, and pockets geared towards holding ammunition rather than items. He wears a white beret with the black hammer emblem of his regiment, a small headset for one ear that acts as a radio (it's magic :D), and smokes every so often. He carries a gasmask (due to Einbrochs poor air quality) and enough ammo to start a small war. He carries his rifle on a sling next to his standard issue backpack and has a shotgun and pistol on holsters at his side. His "utility belt" (think batman) has stuff ranging from more magazines for the pistol, a few shells or slugs, a bright flashlight, what appears to be a bayonet, two to three grenades, and two canteens of water and liquor.


  • Kreuger K3G4 Gewehr
    • A fully automatic rifle gun with a grenade launcher on the bottom of the foregrip. The barrel is mid-length (interchangeable,) also featuring a collapsible stock in order to make it better at close quarter environments. The downside of this is a considerably higher recoil felt than with a full rifle. The magazine has 30 rounds, and is only limited to silver and normal bullets. Welkin is well known for using this gun to spray and pray around corners. This gun's grenade launcher allows him to disrupt formations. He traded in his old guns for this new battle rifle, favoring it's saving of space, albeit heavy.
  • Kreuger Thunderer PIX-4
    • After receiving a shotgun from Mihn, he had it appraised by the military's armory. This shotgun is similar to a riot shotgun, having no butt stock to reduce recoil in order to use as a pistol. The shotgun is different from conventional ones also due to the fact that it is a revolver type. Revolver type shotguns use smaller slugs and shells, but fire faster than a conventional pump action shotgun and offer a smaller spread than hunting shotguns. He carries this in a holster on his rear, just like a pistol, and carries both silver slugs and normal shells with him (slug being the solid round and shell being the pellets).
  • Belagerungshandgranaten
    • Sound's long, but actually translates from zieheim into "siege grenade." Like its name sake, these are simple, thrown grenades. He always carries three at his side, keeping a few more in his backpack. These grenades are more explosive than the grenade launchers and are more threatening. It is also noted that these look like small rods with a can on it.
  • Kreuger Dragon Excel
    • Being a soldier, and having fought against many enemies before, Welkin learned that running out of ammunition is very VERY bad. Along with the weapons he carries, he has a rather large magnum with a flashlight on it. This semi-automatic beast fires magic, silver, and normal rounds. He uses this only in emergencies (like when he's out of ammo) or in times he is incapable of bringing out either of his guns or equipment out.


He's a cheery guy to say the least. Welkin has a habit of writing many stories (none ever being published) and likes to talk about the past a lot. He's also a realist, due to many reasons, and believes the world no longer has heroes to save it. He enjoys a nice cup of coffee (Dark, three table spoons of cream and two of sugar) daily, often times buying more than one cup to sustain him. He takes things not so seriously until called for, making him easy going and yet stiff at the same time. He's also gruff and very VERY prone to getting in arguments. It is notable that even though he isn't the brightest crayon in the pack, he can still pack a debatable punch.

On a side note, he has a really big soft spot for women and children. Though, he'll never have a chance at love in his mind.

Bio ((WIP))

Welkin Louis Macharius, born in an unknown date, grew up in Einbech. His youth was full of mischievous deeds, playing pranks on essentially everyone in town. However, at the age of 17 he was apprehended for a prank that would cause the collapse of a section in the Einbech mines. This arrest straightened him up, changing him to be less evil and more duty oriented. Little else is known about his history.

After spending three years in prison, he signed up for the military. Enlisted as a normal grunt, he earned the trust and friendship of his soon to be best friend Larry Davis by saving him in a shoot out. He was known for his leadership and his participation in numerous counter-terrorist operations, specifically one involving a rather high ranking official. He and Johnny, after five years of blood shed, wounds, and gunfire, earned their current ranks and were given a chance to command. His superior officers linked him to the 401st Einbroch Rifles, a company of riflemen with "above standard" shooting skills. Colonel Johnson gave him a squad, a squad he would form a sort of brotherhood with.

It was only a month or two after he was awarded command when he received the sadness of combat against bandits. While battling alleged terrorists at a rail yard, corporal Alexis Meinhart was shot and killed. He ordered her and another squad mate to rush one side of the train car in order to check it. However, it was full of hostiles, and both she and the other member was killed in action. Her death at his command depressed him greatly, as he blamed himself for the loss of a good friend due to a textbook mistake. He still mourns her death today, leaving some of his other squad members, including Larry, to believe they shared more than just a friendship.

Another loss came a second good friend as loss saving a number of civilians from being gunned down. Staff Sergeant Michael Walters held the line with a gattling gun while Welkin and others aided each civilian. Acknowledging the fact they had no chance, Michael decided to blow the building with himself and the terrorists. Michael's death also shook Welkin, this time in awe. He is the only man Welkin considers a hero, due to the actions that would save his life and others.

Welkin still remains in command, regardless of the losses. He transformed into a hard drinker and smoker, using them as a way to mask the sadness his heart hides from the death of his two closer friends. It is also around this time that Welkin started believing he would never have a girl to himself, as his heart lies in the graveyard with Alexis'.

Recent Events

As of June 1st, Welkin found out from doctors he was dying from a mysterious disease. It is unknown how long he's had it, but he knows he's dying from it.
June 4th: Returned from extended dispatch to some islands. Condition has worsened to the point he's coughing up blood every so often.
June 5th: Returned to Shyden….


  • Larry Davis
    • Welkin's long time friend. They both enlisted together and have both gone through shit that will make you turn white (if you aren't already). He's Welkin's drinking buddy and second in command. Davis and Welkin has saved each others lives so often, they try to keep a tally of who owes who drinks. Davis came with Welkin to Shyden, as of ordered by his commander.
  • Mihn
    • After the whole hero talk and arrow bashing, Welkin grinned at the fact he received a shotgun from him. He accepts him as an acquaintance, believing he has the chops to do what's right.
  • Jeremiah Clematis
    • Jeremiah, or Jerry for short, is what he considers a good friend due to the nature of his character. He likes his attitude and thinks he's a great guy to hang around with. He believes that he and Jeremiah will be good drinking buddies. At this point, Jerry is like Welkin's younger brother. He treats him like a real adult, 'cause that's how he really acts.
  • Rhunie
    • Welkin likes Rhunie for being open and not closed about things. He first met her in Shyden and had a rather long (long winded that is) talk with her. He sees her has a little sister, even though they have not really talked much. After finding out she and Geo might be getting married, he's changed to be even more bitter. This is on part of their age and how they are recklessly charging into it.
  • Geo Damon
    • Good friend of Welkin's. His rash actions and total blunt nature has him worried for him. After past events, he wishes to have no more to deal with him and his problems, as Geo's like a magnet for bad news. He still is his friend, though with the idea of two kids marrying so early (and possibly having a kid) he's even more worried.
  • Kira
    • He met Kira in Shyden and started talking with her. He likes the fact Kira knows more than others and so far enjoys his time with her. He, to be clear, doesn't have any affection for her but as a new friend.


  • Drinks, smokes, and drinks some more
  • Likes coffee with a fervor
  • Pessimistic and realist.
  • He hates the idea of "heroes," as he knows that the only kind of good hero is the dead kind.
  • His tactics is very similar to those of Rainbow operators from Rainbow Six, he wants to be one secretly inside.
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