Xevarius Vanguard
Played by windsnow
Name Xevarius Vanguard
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human
Birthdate 8th August
Height a bit shorter than average man >_>
Weight light but well built
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Deep Green
Skin tone Yellowish Pale
Occupation Paladin of the Church of Prontera
Favourite food Gratin and Wine
Known skills Possesion of the Steam armor and Mech shield
Alignment Neutral Good
Birthplace Lighthalzen


He's a son from a Schwarzvaldian Father and an Amatsurean Mother so he has a good built in a small frame. He has a young-looking face which has traces of Schwartzvaldian and Amatsurean bloodline, with a scar on his forehead because of a previous battle with the Mistress. Due to his somewhat short-than-average height, he lacks the muscle or physique to withstand large blows as a Paladin.
However that's one of the reason he uses steam armor and mechanical shield to compensate for his shortcomings. The armor itself looks dark and menacing, full bodied armored which leaves no flesh to be seen, covering the whole body making him look big and scary.


Despite his scary looking bulky armor he's actually quite a softy; he is a nice gentle caring person who likes seeing people happy, especially children. He always donates to the orphanage in Prontera and helps as a volunteer and is often seen singing and telling stories to the orphans.
Moreover, he doesn't mind suffering as long as others are happy, hence he became a shield for the people to achieve that to protect their happiness…


He's a Paladin that works for the church of Prontera to serve and protect both the members of the clergy and the citizens. His lack of physique and inability to perform Holy magic lead him to create the steam armor and mechanical shield, inspired by Chalice's shield he saw in Heidelberg,
thus asking for assistance and was made with the help of Hylia Mechatine.
He used to rely too much on the armor that he forgot to train his body and spirit as a Paladin, hence when meeting the Pope she has downgraded him and is currently being retrained as a crusader.


    • Xenos Vanguard: His father now works as a Lighthalzen town guard as a gunslinger
    • Xephiris Vanguard: His mother now works as a researcher at Rekkenbar corporation
    • Xelena Vanguard: His younger sister…deceased…because he cant protect her
    • Nephilia Frucroix: The Pope of Prontera who guide him in the ways of the holy
    • Torsten Torvent: His swordsman instructor on his training swordsman days
    • Tyreal Marshall: Fellow Paladin he consider his friend
    • Kimmy O'Rilley: A young witch he met on his travels…reminds him of haloween xD
    • Dante: A female gunslinger member of the vibrant vigilante corps…they share common goals
    • Petite Dante: A young girl that he finds quite interesting…reminds him of his little sister
    • Darren D: A gay person he once met….haven't seen him since for a while
    • Tobius: Cat person…he knows his street gig xD
    • Charmeuse: Pixie princess…he owes her thanks for the lucky clover that made him pass the Crusader test
    • Hylia mechatine: The one responsible for crafting the mech shield and steam armor
    • Torbjorn Torvent: Old soldier….hes battle hardened
    • Falkon Vind: He's a vampire….they don't get along well…>_>
    • Banish Grealtv: Bandit….they're path crossed once…wonder if it will happen again
    • Kien: Another gay guy….plans to introduce him to Darren xD


  • The armor itself are made to be the circulation intake and outtake for the mech shield hence its locked tight making the user feel the heat as the steams passed through the armor hence making the interior hot and unbearable for those who dont have strong will which shows a true devotion as a paladin…the paddings avoid the burning of the skin and absorb a bit of shock from the return flight of the steam jet powered shield boomerang, but still…the user can feel the pain of the shock and the heat in the armor
  • here's the info of his mech shield: Mech shield: A.E.G.I.S-T MK.I



  • The generator engine is steamed powered. As for the propellant he uses highly-compressed steam jet engine and it has a slot to attach the various attachment for the shield depending on the situation. The sword sheath is hidden behind the shield including the built in toaster or even fridge if you want. It is remote controlled as you say from the magnetic gloves to pull it back, controling the jets, trajectory and etc.
  • The shield has 3 modes:
    • Retaliation mode
    • Amplifier mode
    • Vanguard mode

Here is the list of battle animation on the RP duel connected with the skills

  • Retaliation mode: It is the offensive option from the mechanical shield
    • Shield Charge: Activates the steam jet engine as Xevarius holds the shield to direct its course of charging as it slams towards the enemy, and the force from the jet propelled charge as it slam the enemy would knock them back.
    • Shield Boomerang: Throws the shield with the steam jet engine propellant to add force and distance towards the enemy but its downside is when the shield returns to Xevarius…he is going take the impact as well as it returns to him and creates equal or more damage done.
    • Shield Chain: Was planning to be a shield with 5 thin plattings connected with a chain hidden inside of the thick mechanical shield. It can only be activated while airborne on the center of Shield Boomerang attack; either smack the enemies 5 times or just render them immobile and restrain the enemy in chains.
    • Sacrifice: Combines his sword with the stake at the bottom of the shield for a jet propelled thrust towards the enemies 5 times the force. It tremendously hurts Xevarius as he holds the impact with his arms but the enemies will take equal damage as well.
  • Amplifier mode:
    • Holy Cross: Using the holy water in the steam engine as the catalyst, the cross paintings in front of the shield will stamp a hurtful holy cross on the enemies.
    • Grand cross: Stabs the shield on the ground as the stakes locks on the ground firmly, turning on the heat at the holy water before finally strike the sheath part inside the shield with his sword as it amplifies his Grand Cross skill.
    • Heal: Sprays the holy water steam to the wounded areas.
    • Pressure: Combines the holy water capabilities with the steam jet engine to send the shield flying high into the sky before the shield folds open and reveals a Holy cross shaped hammer as it spins down and smashes on the enemy with gravitonic force.
N.B.: Xev cannot use Holy magic at all. Even if he can it would be weak and this is what amplifier mode is used for; so he can use holy magic power decently.
  • Vanguard mode: The defensive option for the shield
    • Reflect shield: Upon receiving blows from the enemies, the vibration of the blow is guarded and returned to the enemies
    • Endure: Addition of paddings inside of the armor to make the beatings more bearable
    • Defender: Thin plating spreads out from the edges of the shield for extra (not absolute) protection. That's why its heavier and slower to move when he use defender skill.
    • Provoke: Self-explanatory
    • Devotion: Separates the shield to 5 pieces connected with chains, protecting 5 individuals as long as they are in range and the damage sent through the chains towards the main shield. As Xevarius takes their damage to protect them he shares the defense with them.
  • Weakness List:
    • Reflect shield: Requires a large sum of energy
    • Endure: Doesn't really have to do with the shield
    • Defender: Extending edges of shield, the plates are thinner than the rest of the shield
    • Shield Charge: fine as is
    • Shield Boomerang:fine as is
    • Shield Chain: Doesn't always unlock properly
    • Sacrifice: Fine as is
    • Holy Cross: Can run out of steam
    • Grand Cross:Takes a lot of holy water
    • Heal:(when in RP duels) can only heal one point per time used, can't go above 5 health. Can't be used 2 turns in a row.
    • Pressure: More holy water required than Grand Cross
    • Provoke: Fine
    • Devotion: Fine as is
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