Played by Joel (JoJo)
Name Buzz Bumble (Yellowjacket)
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Birthdate 30th of April
Hair Teal-Green
Eyes Black
Occupation Mercenary
Favourite food Honey
Known skills Ninja Jump
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Birthplace Hugel


Looks like a bee/wasp.


There's quite a few things wrong with the guy. First and most notable is that he has a complex in which he feels the need to become super popular and awesome. He also already sees himself as "friggin' sweet." As such, he thinks he's a total badass despite being told otherwise by pretty much everyone.

Yellowjacket is also after the benefits of "babes" from being famous and comes off as a womanizer or playboy - except he's bad at it. He tends to speak using words such as "dude" "awesome" "and shit" and can be pretty incomprehensible.

While he isn't exactly stupid, he's pretty naive and will believe almost anything as long as he thinks it's cool. What makes him seem stupid however is his stubbornness and short attention span which makes him lose his way in directions quite easily. For example he will visit the library and mistake it for a weapon shop because he stubbornly believes he went the right way to the weapon shop. All in all, he really just wants to be a really cool guy.


Growing up in Hugel, the guy was pretty bored. Especially from all the old folk around. To entertain himself he'd cause small mischief or head out to the wilderness. Once he turned 18 he left Hugel and set out for work. At age 20 he finally got enough to purchase his first weapon and enough money for a lot of traveling. At 21, he set out to finally be a mercenary and do whatever he can to save babes and slay evil. While he heard about Amdis he decided not to get involved and wait for it to blow over because he didn't want to hurt a "smokin' hot babe." He has a thing for chicks who can set things on fire.


  • Mihn
    • "Little blue dude! In some hero guild thing."
  • Dyson
    • "Thor dude! He went on an adventure to a volcano how badass is that man?"
  • Void
    • "Super cool dude with an awesome dragon. Taught me how to grow a dragon!"


1. He refers to his swords as his wings.
2. Seems to be attracted to fire - whether it be his fire swords or a woman with fire magic.
3. Very Naive. Try and convince him something ridiculous and it will probably work.

Recent Development

  • Currently trying to get a dragon, gryphon, or bike to be super cool.
  • Learned from Void that he should try to grow a dragon from a farm using a plant bottle. Will try!
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