Played by AlesandraT
Name Yuri
Gender Female
Age 15
Race Human
Birthdate Unconfirmed
Height 4'9"
Weight 89lbs
Hair Long Pink
Eyes Pink
Skin tone Light
Occupation None
Favourite food Fruits and Berries
Known skills ~Coming~
Alignment Neutral
Birthplace Rachel


-In the Works-


-In the Works-


-In process of Being Edited-


  • Yari
    • Yari is Yuris older sister by only few minutes. The twins are always seen together and its extremely rare to see Yuri not clinging onto Yari's hand. Only if people are very analytical will they notice something way different about the Twins. Even though they are sisters there something deeper about them. That being they also love each other, not just s sibiling/family love, but a true love. There love may be considered incest by other, but the Twins see no wrong in it..


*Coming Soon

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