Played by Zero
Name Zero/Silentcer/Grimm
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race human/Unknown/Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Height 5'5"
Weight Unknown
Hair Silky black
Eyes Silver
Skin tone Tan white
Occupation Wanderer/Unknown/Unknown
Favourite food Nothing at all
Known skills Gun slinging/Shadow step/Life of Darkness
Alignment Unknown/Evil/Neutral Evil
Birthplace Unknown


- a face with a bar code name Zero had a long luxurious black hair that only touches the upper part of the shoulder and his bangs goes to the direction of right (your right) and he has a Belt collar on his neck and a unique gunslinger clothes because the end of his coat is almost ripped like he came from the war shooting guns at each other, slashes and magics.

-has has a mask that totally covers his face and leaves the eyes and mouth open but the color is blood red and the mouth of the mask is like a shark tooth(duh!) and his skin is totally black and the clothes is black too along with his pants but the end of his clothes are totally ripped, and he wear a scarf along with a huge hat with a flower as its accessory
-he may look like his brother but the differences is that hat and the clothing, Grimm wears a light clothings for his to move fast and swiftly.


- a silent and very kind man. and he loves to have friends through to the day he forgets them.
-an annoying loud high pitched voice creature who loves to kill or hurt people and hear their torments. he make people who he encounters in to deep emotions as such as revenge, he aimed to own the world.
almost same has him but he has the ability to remove his mask at his will unlike Silentcer he shows no weakness unlike silentcer and Silentcer attempted to kill him but he failed, it is his will to Kill silentcer so that he will be at peace… he's a clever and smart evil spirit he is just a victim of Silentcer action and used him as a sacrifice to Silentcer's Experiments






  • Rarely Talks
  • when you force him to talk he shivers and turn to pale and triggers silentcer out
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