Abyss Lake

General Information

  • Region: Schwartzvald Republic
  • Population: 10,000
  • Known for: Capital city of the Dragos people
  • Religion: None specified, Trianthianistic beliefs
  • Political System: Monarchy
  • Political Figure: Detale
  • Current Leader: Kirada Void Stathis
  • Religious Figures: None
  • Culture: Caverns


Abyss Lake is actually a large, dormant volcano; no one remembers when it last erupted. However, it is known that when the last eruption occurred, the centre of the volcano collapsed in upon itself, making it a caldera. Within the caldera is the medium-sized remnants of the volcano's cone. One must travel across the lake and to the cone (fondly referred to as Drake Island by the residents) to enter the city.

The city itself is actually within the cone and extends far, far underground in three levels. Very few people who aren't dragoses live here; this is for several reasons. The dragoss' fondness for stock piling gold and jewels is apparent, as the riches lay everywhere within the city. It is also a human legend that the Dragos King Detale's scales will provide power to anyone who can challenge him and obtain one. This has made the dragoses quite unhappy with humans and other races who believe in this legend, and many who enter the city uninvited will promptly be eaten, or shooed away if they are lucky.

Though it is considered part of the Schwartzvald Republic, they receive no taxes or government interference. The president is well aware that the Dragos people are unwilling to accept human help, but the area is still included in the Republic's zone and will still receive military backup if needed.

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