• Region: Archipelago of Yuan
  • Population: 40,000
  • Main religion: Shuukyo
  • Known for: The Cherry Tree Shrine, capital city of the Archipelago of Yuan

Amatsu is a large and peaceful city lined with cherry trees on the walkways. The unique architecture and design of the town reflects the hundreds of years of development that the Yuan people's culture has undergone from being separated from the main continent. All of the imports and exports to and from all of the islands in Yuan are shipped to Amatsu to be inspected before trade; the main commerce consists of salts, spices, silks, seafood, and occasionally rare lumber or exotic furnitures. Many of the items seen as luxurious on the mainland come from Amatsu.

The people of Amatsu care not for the technological advances of airships, motorbikes and locomotives; instead, relying on ships, beasts or their own feet for transportation. Such respectful acts toward the ecosystem of the island has preserved the area of its ancient secrets and rare species of animals successfully for thousands of years.

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