Bellan Dejour
  • Region: Amaranthine Forest
  • Population: 70,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism
  • Known for: Capital city of the faeries

Bellan Dejour is a beautiful, tiny city that serves as the ancient capital of the faerie people. The queen, Charmeuse is the reigning monarch here. In previous years, her mother, the late queen Velvet had kept the city under tight watch to keep visitors at a minimal. Since Charmeuse's rise to the throne, huge strides have been taken to establish diplomatic relationships with other countries and races.

The city sits upon the roots of an archaic tree in the Amaranthine Forest. The city hall is composed of white marble, and the rest of the buildings (including the Queen's home) are composed of wood materials. A pond at the base of the tree spans the length of the city, but since faeries are winged creatures, this does not hinder them from travelling.

All who enter Bellan Dejour are shrunk to faerie-size by a powerful magic barrier encasing the city, maintained by the queen.

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