General Information

  • Region: Rune Midgarts
  • Population: approx. 5,000
  • Known for: Capital city of Succubi and Incubi
  • Religion: None (Trianthianistic beliefs)
  • Political System: Monarchy
  • Political Figure: Queen with King consort
  • Religious Figures: None
  • Culture: Gothic
  • Common Langauge: Accented Avantese (Southern American Accent)
  • Native Offical Language: Geffenian


Geffenia is an underground city that lies beneath Geffen. It is the capital city of incubi and succubi, who are the main inhabitants; thus, it is often not visited by any other races. Stray adventurers who find their way into Gefenia often find themselves leaving completely exhausted almost to the brink of death if they are not wary, for the residential people are known to feed off of the amorous emotions of other races. It is generally viewed as an "unholy abode" to many, for the natural actions of incubi and succubi are seen as sinful in the two major religions of Advent.

Geffenia is full of gothic architecture and small foothills, with overgrown vines and peculiar vegetation bearing fragrant flowers. The thick, low-lying plants make it difficult for walking at times, but the inhabitants of the city bear wings, so this does not pose a problem.

Though it is considered a questionable town, it is still eligible for government protection from Rune Midgarts if needed.

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