• Region: Rune Midgarts
  • Population: 10,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism
  • Known for: Mages' Academy, magic hotspot

Geffen is known as the City of Magic. Here is located the Mages' Academy, reowned for the teaching of cabalistic (elemental) magics. One of the magic wells of cabalistic magic is located somewhere deep within the Geffen spire in the centre of town, heavily protected.

Geffen is a more traditional city with magic and religious influences, as compared to Yuno which has magic and scientific influences. The people here who make their living are often those who do their work by hand rather than with the help of more modern tools, preferring magic to aid them in their everyday life. Silven is the patron god of this city, representing balance and elemental magic as necessities in every Geffenian's life.

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