• Region: Schwartzvald Republic
  • Population: 1,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism
  • Known for: Hunters' Guild

Hugel is a small mountain village, and considered the least urban area of the Schwartzvald Republic. Surrounded by mountains, meadows, lakes and the calm sea, it would be much more of a secluded village if it weren't for its strategic location by the ocean where a few independent island nations lay a few kilometres across the sea. The Schwartzvald Republic utilises this for importing and exporting trades to Shyden and Heidelberg.

It is rare to see any other species besides humans and elves residing here, as many of the folk are elderly with constricted beliefs. Still, because of the abundance of game in the nearby wilderness areas, the Hunters Guild located here draws many different kinds of people who wish to acquire their hunter license. Even for the casual hunter, it is a great place to see many animals for there are no common threats in and around Hugel save for the predatory animals such as wolves that roam a bit farther off from the town.

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