• Region: Sograt Regime
  • Population: 2,000
  • Main religion: Trianthianism, New Freyanism
  • Known for: Honeymoon retreat, gambling, nightclub

Jawaii is quite like Comodo, as it is a popular tourist attraction. Most visitors to Jawaii are honeymooners seeking to spend some time on the heart-shaped island and stay a night or two in the beautiful suites on the beach front.

However, the other percentage of visitors come for the top-class prostitutes and gambling offered at the nightclub in Comodo. Formerly there was a brothel located on the beach; but after kidnapping and keeping women against their will, the establishment was broken up by the Vagrant Vigilantes. The building now serves as a nightclub; the women who work there are not forced to offer their services, but many still do night calls at the place.

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