• Region: Archipelago of Yuan
  • Population: 35,000
  • Main religion: Shuukyo
  • Known for: Star gladiators' guild

Louyang is unique in the sense that it is the most mountainous island in Yuan. A vast wall built of stone and mortar surrounds the city, and south of the town is a valley with foothills and a large, natural spire that many people will climb daily in order to hone their physical skills. Louyang is known to train some of the best physical fighters in all of Advent; under the respectful religion of Shuukyo, children often grow up to be warriors with bodies trained for the most daunting situation, or as merchants who keep the economy of the city running. Louyang is also known for its variety of fine spices and silks.

In the years when Hekate was in power, the Organisation often bartered with Louyang residents — usually cheating them out of fair trades. When the leaders of the local star gladiator guild sent a message of refusal to trade to the Organisation, the entire city was plundered by the rogue criminals; the guild and other dojos, as well as all of the leaders of these establishments, were destroyed. Since then, Louyang, with the help of its neighbouring island cities, has been rebuilding their town and economy at an even pace.

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